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Lectro PDR Users?

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I used them on a snowboard doc where the riders were going up and down the span of a snowboard park and we wanted to be recording all the time as I couldn’t keep up with them. There were cameras at the top and bottom of the hill so they were useful if a camera op wanted to do a quick interview and I wasn’t around, or to grab their reactions while launching off jumps.

The PDRs are really small, with lithium’s they lasted about 5.5-6hrs on the mountain. We went from their output to SMQV’s and it worked well. 

If size is an issue the offerings from Zaxcom would be less bulky and a more efficient workflow. But if it’s for one off situations the PDRs were just fine.

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I’ve used them twice now. First was for a documentary style race for a show company out on the Bonneville salt Flats. Camera teams were following the racers so we rigged up their packs with mics and PDRs. Worked great. They were still rolling after they got back from a multiple hour run. Also used one for a tandem paraglide. Rigged up the talent and rolled. Worked great. Super easy to jam with Timecode. Lithium battery operates at least 5 hours. We also used the split gain mode in case the runners got really loud for any reason. 

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I used mine a few times to get a clean feed from a board at sporting events. It was nice not to worry about it for 5hrs then just batt swap and re jam. Same events I’ve used it as a ambient recording with a PS1-A and a MKH60. Again, set It and forget it. I’ve also used it to record some quick guitar/ keyboard jams to listen back (via 1/8”) while driving to get a feel/ ideas on how to progress... it’s a nice little unit to have on hand, so small and robust. Great addition to my kit. 


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Used as primary talent mics on a Roller Coaster/Bungee Jump/Zipline/Adventure Show. The ability to send output to Lectro Transmitter is nice, but not as elegant as Zaxcom units. The PDR REMOTE app is handy for locking/unlocking them. Solid Safety (oh sh*t scenario) device. Saved me a few times. As a bonus it’s Jurassic Proof, it says so on the box. 

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lots of uses for PDR and SPDR, some not so conventional:

  • Equipped with a DPA 4098 gooseneck hypercardioid and velcroed to an Alexa Mini, the PDR acts as a preamp/camera mic (Cam has line level input only, but can be fed from the PDR; the gooseneck streches out to the end of the lens. Easy TC jamming for external recording as a backup,  ACs could handle it for some remote second unit guide track recording. 
  • SPDR acts as a recorder for low profile binaural stereo recordings (nowadays with DPA 6060's attached to the in-ear monitors, with moderate wind an overcover on the mic works fine). I am working on custom made earmuffs for even better wind protection
  • SPDR also grabs high quality stereo recordings from an RSM191, attached to the 191 matrix box which provides power to the mic.
  • SPDR with a proper minijack to 2xTA5 cable records audio from any analogue consumer source with headphones output. Quick/easy/low profile, also for private use
  • SPDR acts as a timecoded stereo backup recorder for your cart or bag system. Caution: as the PDR/SPDR inputs are all unbalanced, there might be grounding issues when the SPDR is sharing external DC powering with other gear
  • Caution: When using the line output of PDR or SPDR as a loop through into other gear, make sure you don't use the dual track -18dB split level option. Or if you must, check the proper wiring of your cables and run a test. 

See a photo with SPDR and VT500 mics atttached to my UE-4 inear monitors for ambience recording

binaural stereo1.jpg

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