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accidental finds: Festool sound cart


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while looking for some tools I crossed paths with this:

the festool MW 1000 



Of course this is not made for recording purposes, but curious to hear if anybody has already tried using this in the field?


it can be used with different kind of drawers and festool even has a powering solution:)
https://www.toolnation.nl/festool-accessoires-205721-sys-pst-1500-li-hp-sys-powerstation.html?sqr=festool sys power&


I imagine it could be a fun modding project. 

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Festool makes great tools (I have a saw) but is highly overpriced.
The 'systainers' / packaging tools they use are not manufactured by them, but 'generic'.
I saw exactly the same boxes in use by nurses in the hospital.

So, perhaps some more googling will get you a better deal if you want to pursue this.


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Systainers are branded as Festool or Tanos (a daughter/sister brand) or as anything, custom made from Tanos, including medical suppliers.

The drawer systainers were featured here on some sound cart.

Unfortunately, the MW1000 cart does not fit my T-loc midis.

Also, I find that the tabletop accessory makes the cart too unflexible to move quicky. The surface is not made to be exposed to rain and would need to be replaced/treated.

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