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TAI Audio Closed?


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The website is still up. 
There was however a pretty long thread in one of the FB groups recently that seemed to indicate a lot of problems since ownership had changed (I think maybe last year?) Apparently the new owner has no background in our business. 

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We are so excited to announce that we are launching our new website very soon! Not only are we putting search at the heart of our website, we are adding a special section for expendables allowing you quick and easy to access to the items you need constantly which we are calling TAI express. You might also notice a difference in our newsletters and social media posts as well.


We will be getting back to our roots of providing you the very best in rental, service, and sales. With that, we are reverting back to our original name of Topam Audio Incorporated. You can still call us T-A-I. We ask that if you find or experience any issues, to let us know, we would love feedback so that we can continually improve your experience with us.


This overhaul will be continually built upon and this is only the first stage!


Got this email a couple of weeks ago. Mostly "insane" deal promo stuff, and rebranding talk...

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I received an email late last year(?) from the "new owner" introducing himself.  Then received an email a week or two ago from a former employee that has started their own business since TAI has closed.  Makes me want to reach out to my former sales rep there that retired last year and see what they know.  Seems kind of sudden and out of the blue to me.  The last thing we need is less competition.


This same topic just came up on reddit today, too.

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