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Who’s mic’d up a non-human?

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Ha, yes I mic'ed a dog once for a Purina Puppy Chow commercial. Director wanted the food chomping sounds. I said how about a take without the camera rolling just for me and my boom when the scene is finished. He said we dont have the time. Lav the dog. I hesitated... and mic'ed the dog. I have no idea if it was used. Never saw the commercial.


Also, I end up mic'ing crickets, cicadas, owls, etc. without even trying. Well, they make it on the track anyway.


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While shooting a western, there was a long scene where the lead was riding a horse and the director wanted the hoof sounds. Results varied depending upon the terrain but I think he wanted the classic hoof on cobblestone sound but we were mostly on dirt, so a lot of thumps. Got some decent leather squeaking sounds and spurs tho. 

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Surely those clever folks in production have worked out by now that animals sound far more natural from the boom? Who still uses lavs these days??




18 hours ago, OB1 said:

Once mic'd an array sonar being towed. AD wanted some of the swooshing water and nat sounds from the submersible. I couldn't get over the irony of placing a hydrophone on what is essentially a really large hydrophone.


My favourite reply!


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