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  1. that make sense, any adding electronic parts could cause problem. but in the real world it’s all about compromise, in the best case would be no RF at all but everything cable. I would be interested, things like Zaxcom MicPlexer, SoundDevices SL and Audio Wireless DADM, they are all powered RF distributors, I would not assume that all these Products will ruin the RF with their electronics and the capability of powering active antenna.
  2. I'm using BSRF AS-62 in my bag, with 1 x Zaxcom QRX, 1 x Wisycom 42, 1 x Audio A10, the BSRF AS-62 itself has power supply for active antenna, but you can turn it off, so in this case it's a passive system. the AS-62 has no amplifier build in, but only power supply for active antenna, in this case, it's not an active splitter+amplifier system, but a passive splitter with 470-700MHz Bandpass filter. I think you can even unplug the power for AS-62 and it works as a passive splitter (have tried once and it worked). The Mini-Circuits one has no band-pass filter, which can cause some problems if you are very close to Walki-Transmitter or Mobile-Tower. Like the post above mentioned, I would never use active Antenna or use active amplifier in a bag, also Glenn from Zaxcom mentioned that one should not use active Antenna or amplifier with digital wireless systems.
  3. I was student and later friend of Jecklin, if you ask him which microphone, he would definitely say DPA. DPA 2011/4011 and Sennheiser MKH are better for outdoor use compare to Neumann because they are pre-polarized electret condenser microphone (the Sennheiser even has the HF Circuit) which makes them more resistance to bad weather condition, extreme heat or humidity. But many people say external biased condenser sounds better and has less ground noise, it's a question of personal taste I guess. DPA 2011 or 2006 would be a very good alternative to Sennheiser MKH, with lower price.
  4. switched from Pianissimo to Nano Shield CB about 5 months ago, feel the Nano Shield is lighter than Pianissimo, handling noise about the same (using vdb boom pole), and it's much better switch between indoor/outdoor with the nano shield as you can take off the basket (not possible with pianissimo). Now I use pianissimo only for ms boom, and nano shield for mono boom. The construction and material from nano shield and pianissimo is very similar, from my experience there's not much difference with wind protection.
  5. I'm using both 6060 and 6061, basically there's no noticeable difference on sound, both can be used as all-around lav, the 6061 maybe a bit better due to higher SPL. However in some whispering scenes, I can hear the ground noise from preamp much stronger than with the 6060, it was with Zaxcom ZMT3 Transmitter. With 6061 we normally start the gain at 30 and do fine adjustment, with 6060 we start at 12. In situation with both shouting and whispering, the 6061 works better compare to 6060 in my opinion. You would rather have a bit more ground noise (which is totally acceptable in this case) then overload and distortion. But with iZotope, you can probably get both problems fixed. I also use both with Wisycom MTP40s on documentary works, I prefer 6060 in normal situation / interviews, and if there's music performing involved or if I'm in loud environment, I use 6061. So my thoughts and experience: as all-around lav for doc, 6061 is perfectly fine and works probably better than 6060. for features, you will definitely need both.
  6. Hi, I was watching the apple events today, and was wondering, how they are doing audio for their release events. Some of the clothes they have, such as labor suite, can not be so silence and rustle free, especially when all the mics are not to be seen. And the voice is so clean, sounds like recorded in a dub-studio. Just interested, if they are recording the audio from location, or dubbing everything in studio afterwards. Thanks.
  7. If you really consider a Super-Cardioid Microphone, I would recommend MKH8050, the more directional a microphone is, the more colorized will be the "off-information", and as you may know, all shotgun microphones work with acoustic tubes to increase the directionality, but the same time, the "Room" will be colorized very strongly. and generally, for the human voice, large-diagram membrane microphone response much better in middle-low range, where the voice is, as a small-diagram microphone. I have read somewhere, that all small-diagram microphone has a low-shelf (due to the size, they can not go that low), and the manufacturers make a low-boost with "acoustic" or "electric EQ".
  8. Looking for Sound Recordist with own Equipment in Munich/Germany for a small job on 06.Aug and 07.Aug.2018. For more detail please send me an email at contact@tongaudio.at. Thanks.
  9. Very interesting to read all this calculations, but in reality, I can never charge 3% for my equipment, for the gear I have, Zaxcom Nomad + 4 x Zaxcom digital Wireless, Schoeps Mini CMIT, DPA, Sanken and Countrymann Lavs, 3% means almost near €1000/day.!! I don’t know how’s in the US, but all the projects I have done here in Europe, non of them have this much of Budget for audio equipment. And honestly, I try to not make my Equipment costs more then my service for whatever project. In the end, I’m Selling my service as a sound guy, not my equipment.
  10. also the price, $99 =? €110,88? (if you change the currency to euro on their website) ?? surly this sale is only for US customers...
  11. This is just a normal condensor microphone with a laser pointer, not a Laser-Membran Microphone.
  12. Laser Microphone is not some "new technologies", it already beeing used a lot, especially on some "secret services",. There's still problems that make Laser microphone not useable for consumers and audio professionals, like noise caused by day light or other light sources(which you have a lot on a film set) and unexpected reflections , strong wind etc.. there are some new "Laser Mic Capsules", one of my colleagues at the technical university vienna is doing their research on optical microphone, they already did some prototype years ago, but it's still not really convertalbe to a commercial product due to high production costs and some instability issue https://www.tuwien.ac.at/aktuelles/news_detail/article/9096/ Sennheiser made a innovational microphone with "Laser", it's not really a microphone which catch sound by laser, but it use laser on a very creative way to solve some problem. :-)
  13. I would go for MKH50, very happy with my MKH8050 for indoor situation, even MKH8060 is great. only used 8040 for music recording and ambience. My opinion, in order to get the same kind of "clear" sound, you need to place cardioid near to the actor then a hyper-cardioid (if I remembered correctly, it's about 1.5 times of distance), so, with hyper-cardioid, you can have your boom a little bit far away but don't worry about to lose the clarity of voice. But this is only my opinion.
  14. Hi, thanks for the advice, the comparison was not done by ear, but by waveform in pro tools,. I do reverse the phase on nomad normally when I use Sanken COS-11, but when I am on set, and under pressure, and need to switch from other mics to Sanken, I will not be able to think about reverse phase in the setting, but concentrate on getting a clear and clean sound. And this Phasing issue caused more work in the post, as we have to find out if it is out of phase for every clip, and reverse the phase.
  15. Hello, I guess many colleagues here using SANKEN COS-11, I did a test with Impulse and Sine-wave last weekend, and it turned out, that all my SANKEN COS-11s are out of phase (compare to Sennheiser MKH8060 and DPA Lavs, both on Zaxcom and Wisycom Transmitter, recorded on NOMAD ), and just from interest, I took an SANKEN COS-11 from a colleague with Lectro Transmitter, it also seems to be out of phase (same comparison). Is anyone else has this problem? or this only happens to my SANKENs? I guess it's not a problem caused by wrong soldering, but more like a problem caused by the capsule.
  16. I think, you can only get the profit from long shotgun when you have a good boom operator, otherwise it will be even worth then short shotgun. Only from my experience (I have only used Neumann 82i and Sennheiser MKH70 once), for bag works, SANKEN CS3e is a better option.. But sure, if you have a super boom man, 8070 would be a beautiful mic and can save life in some situation..
  17. Hello, I got today lots of problem with a very hairy talent, he was wearing a pullover, and a shirt under the pullover, so, I tried several things with the SANKEN COS-11 and RM, like on the top of Pullover near throat, a little bit lower on the chest stick on the pullover, but all didn't work, every time he moves, I got whether clothing noise, or noise against his chest hair.. As many colleagues here has for sure more experience then me, I would like to ask, what would you do in this situation? where would it works the best? Which Mic would you prefer to use? (I also have other mics like VT506, DPA4063, DPA SLIM). Thanks.
  18. If I only have only 3000 to invest, then I will definitely not buy a whole kit. At first a good Boom pole (the first gear I have ever bought was a vdb Boom pole), a good headphone which you feel comfortable with, and maybe a wireless set, or maybe only a pair good lavalier Mic - DPA, SANKEN or Countryman, and accessories.. And, the most important, get some good sound mixer friends, who can give you a good day rate for their gears. after one year or so, you can buy a Zaxcom recorder or Sound-devices 6xx for sure..
  19. My dealer told me that MultiCompander is a extra Board, you have to ship back to factory for upgrade. I think it's the same for 5KHz upgrade for MTP, I have the 25KHz standard version, and I have to ship back to factory if I want to get 5KHz step. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I experienced once, QRX100 got radio signal but no audio, after reboot everything was fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I asked once if there's a plan to implement SuperSlot with SX-R4+ in some way, the answer is no...
  22. That could absorb some high frequency, but this is much too overthought. If you want to take everything in count, you also need to think about where your boom is positioned and where the Lav is positioned, our body (chest, belly) has more resonance in the low frequencies, head has also resonances, but more in the mid-high range, and all the consonance come from mouth. so, with different position of boom and lav, you also have difference kind of frequency response... and the weather, temperature and dampness also affect the frequency response of our voice and the microphone.. What I want to say is, don't make it too much complicated, just keep it simple and everything will be fine.. In the end, wether DPA or Sennheiser or Neumann, Schoeps, we just try to satisfy ourself with the little perfection, all of them sounds great and works good with any kinds of lavs. I know lots of re-recording mixing engineer, who don't even mix the Boom and Lav together, they just pick the better sounding one (mostly the Boom), and work with it..
  23. I'm using Sennheiser 8060 with DPA Lavs (4063 and 4060, some times with the hi-boost cap), as far sounds good for me, before I bought this 8060, I have tried the DPA4017C, it sounds great, but as I am running a MS with Ambient Emesser, 8060 works better,. Where do you mount your 4071? under clothes? As I understand, the hi-boost is to compensate the lost of high frequency in some situation like mounted under winter clothes, but you do not really need such a hi-boost for your boom pole in my opinion. But "Sounds good" is very subjective, so, better try out before buy anything.
  24. From my experience, your EW100 should be fine, I used to work with Sennheiser ew500 (B-Band) and Audio Ltd 2020 (700MHz as I remembered), was no problem.. As the big cities are very crowded and noisy, I would recommend Lav like DPA 406x.
  25. My nomad is one of the earlier module I think, it was a Nomad 8 and upgraded to Nomad 12. It works solid for me, I traveled with this machine many countries from -20 grad in the alps to over 40 grad in middle east, I can only remember some software bugs during the last years, hardware works solid and reliable.. I am considering to buy a Maxx to build a smaller bag for small jobs..
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