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  1. As always, Crew has the sage advice. Well said sir.
  2. +1 on the hop. Gotta charge for that. It's still 2 channels of wireless, whether it's going to the mixer or the camera.
  3. Hey Margus, thanks for posting the pics of the RX. Those are the same ones I used. I'm assuming the production company rented them from Reynald as well?
  4. Wow! That's a really great looking bag Rado. Beautiful design and integration...nice job!
  5. It was a couple of years ago, but I can find out for sure. I'll post back tomorrow... MK
  6. I'll second what Margus said. I used them to wire football players for a series similar to Hard Knocks here in Canada. The flat, somewhat malleable transmitter was perfect for the players, as the equipment manager just taped it between two layers of the pads and the players didn't even know it was there. The range was pretty good too, especially in a crowded RF environment. As others said, the rechargeable batteries in the transmitter were a bit of a drawback, but they lasted a long time, and were never an issue for me. I just re-charged overnight. Also, as mentioned previously, the rental house used Sennheiser receivers matched to the QX transmitters. Kind of a pricey "niche" investment, but certainly work well for their intended purpose.
  7. That's actually pretty impressive! I only wish they had used their completed project for the on-camera bits at the beginning rather than the camera mic to show just how it might work. Good on them for the effort though...
  8. Nice piece Jason! Pretty damn cool actually...
  9. Please please please reveal a bag for the 664 next! I'm trying not to beg....
  10. I too have similar complaints about the screen on the 664 when shooting outdoors, but seeing as how the good folks at Zaxcom upgraded the screens on the Nomad, I'm sure the engineers at SD are working on something similar. I really like the work-around of the hood as posted by @No One, but my hope is that SD will come up with a fix sometime soon so I don't have to resort to that. Absolutely love my 664 though. Now, if I could find a bag for it that a) the 664 fits into properly. makes it easy to access the card slots without a fuse puller, and c) I could try out in person before buying...I hear good things about the Kortwich bags, but I'm hesitant to spend that kind of money sight unseen. That being said, it HAS to be better than the goofy Petrol 617 that I'm using now.
  11. Hi Alex, The 552 will record a head-stamp timecode from another source, (ie: TimecodeBuddy, Betso TC Generator) still leaving you 2 tracks to record. If I were you I would go that route if you can afford it. The 552 is a great mixer/recorder. I also agree with you about purchasing some good wireless systems and going with a second-hand mixer, providing you do your due diligence and get a well cared for machine. Also, check with your Customs folks and see how much duty you would have to pay on a used mixer from a personal sale in North America, as you can get a used 552 for much cheaper than 2500GBP here. Good luck!
  12. I've worked with Chris a few times on various Discovery Channel projects. An absolute gem of a human being...if you check out his Twitter feed he's posted hundreds of incrediblw photos of Earth from space. Definitely worth a look...
  13. Thanks Pascal! I'm going to get on that today...I have a fairly long shoot in April/May that I'm going to need a top quality bag for. Cheers, Michael
  14. Hey Pascal, like everyone has said it's a absolutely beautiful set-up. Quick question for you..I'm in the process of setting up a bag for my 664 as well and am interested in the Kortwich bags. Did you deal directly with them or did you find a retailer here in Canada?
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