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  1. I do, and encourage all professional sound mixers to do the same.
  2. The “show me your bag” thread is a good place to look
  3. It wouldn’t be quite so attractive of an advert if they showed you all the wires and power cables that would be needed to make this work.
  4. I have a feeling there is some sort of miscommunication or something at the company. I have a pair of mkh404 mics (yes they’re ancient I know) and Sennheiser said that they didn’t even have a record of ever manufacturing them! Crazy because you can find some documentation about these mics by doing a google search. But it is likely that whomever you speak with may just be giving you the runaround because they don’t want to deal with the paperwork. I would hope that they have better people on board than that though.
  5. Those are two mics that are very different in size. The general rule for mics and things like windshields and shockmounts is that you need a whole set for each mic you have. If you are getting into this business to save money, you are definitely in the wrong business. Regarding your questions about blimps: some of the clips can be moved around depending upon the model of the blimp that you have. You need dead space surrounding the mic in order for the blimp to work properly as a windshield. This is pure physics and common sense. You would want there to be a relatively equal amount space within the blimp for each mic, which is why the two mics would generally not work within the same blimp. Not to mention the spacing of the shock mounts and the types of lyres that you would be using.
  6. I could make room for that console. @Philip PerkinsKnows that I already have a nice compact vintage console that is probably more versatile, but man, no Beatles cred. Haha
  7. If you’re looking to use the mm1 to boom with, two lithium AAs last nearly three days.
  8. JonG

    Sound carts

    Audio Department makes custom carts
  9. I said the same thing about Eric Clapton’s 1994 album “From the Cradle”
  10. If you’re talking about your headphones, maybe you need a mono to stereo headphone jack adapter. Plugging stereo headphones into a mono Nagra will result in sound only coming out of one side, unless you use an adapter.
  11. The Neumann’s are probably the highest quality around at a better price point. You can get a pair of used ones for around $1200. Personally I would be happy with sennheiser 8040s or Neumann’s. But luckily I have a pair of Schoeps mk4s and frankly, I don’t think a better mic exists than Schoeps.
  12. Era of reduced budgets? Let’s see, the client and director are calling in via zoom instead of flying out from wherever they are stationed, they’re not renting 12 comteks, and instead of the five to ten crew you usually get on an interview type job, you have a camera guy, sound mixer, and maybe a PA or assistant for the camera guy. They’re saving loads of money on these shoots. Anyone willing to do all of this for one low price is nothing but a fool. You take a job like this because you need the paycheck that badly, you aren’t freelancing correctly, and that client is just going to ask you to do more for less the next time. You’re not just hurting your own reputation, you’re hurting the business. We should never be looking to do more for less. We should always be looking to push for higher rates and creating more jobs for people. This is seriously why freelancers should be required to take some business courses. For whatever reason, people have a tendency to make the same mistakes as everyone else with no accountability as they start out because they have justified to themselves that doing things their own way without learning anything about the business will somehow not hurt the industry that they are trying to get into. And producers know this and try to exploit it. If you are getting into a freelance career, please do some market research ahead of time. Reach out to professionals. Ask for guidance. And don’t do producers favors, they are paying you for your services and equipment. If they need more from you, they need to pay for it too. If they want you to do other people’s jobs, remind them that it is not your job. Don’t be afraid to say no. And never be in a position where your life depends on your next paycheck. Learn to freelance correctly!
  13. Did anything become of this? I just purchased a set which includes an src, two SMQVs, and an hma in 941 and I’m getting some fuzzy kind of sounds on transients, like I’m having reception issues except my reception cones are 100% full. They seemed to test fine but while I’m rolling I hear it, and it makes me pretty nervous. This on a completely clear scan.
  14. I think that aside from what’s already been said, in an ideal world you’d have two boom ops dancing around the cameras. Lavs are great but intermod and reception aren’t your only concerns, and realistically lavs will only work reliably with limited movement. If these people are jumping around and performing all kinds of physical activity, you may be dealing with scratchy, muffled, fallen, or even broken lavs. How willing are they to stop down in the event of any of these things? If they really care about the project, they should get you a couple of booms ops. It’s really the best contingency plan.
  15. Nothing to add to the above statements except that they generally have a quick servicing turnaround. Denecke is a company that I feel good about supporting because they do great work and are really amazing folks. They’re here for us so we’re heee for them
  16. I put them on skin a lot when I was starting out, but now I don’t think I ever do.
  17. Thanks Blas. Anybody else? Fools errand or not, it’s still pertinent information that I’d like to know. As I try to get people to get their FCC license, being able to send them to a space to register frequencies is an important part of the persuasion process. A lot of people don’t see the point of having one, and this is one thing that may help.
  18. I think that moving away from this site for any reason is a foolish idea. The format works well, it has the membership, and it has the history of discussions available for future reference. Definitely the best forum around for our business. I can’t lie though, I do miss having the bar kept high by the Senator.
  19. Thanks. I didn’t watch the live stream because my schedule is all off and it was too early for me. I know I can still watch it but really I just want the cliff notes
  20. Do we have a list of new releases announced?
  21. Yes. Pro-Tools is the standard professional tool used by pretty much everybody, and you will be expected to be able to accept and deliver Pro-Tools sessions. You can have a very good career if you don’t ever learn Cubase. But you have to know Pro-Tools inside and out. I always purchase a non subscription license and skip a few generations before upgrading again. PT tends to be about $500, so I don’t think it’s out of the question to run te same system for five years before upgrading. I have a laptop with v7 and a Mac mini with v10 on them, and have a copy of v2018 on my main workstation. Between v10 and v2018 I see almost nothing new that really changes the way I work, I just had to upgrade because of compatibility issues with OSX.
  22. I’d say stick with your rental house job for at least a couple years, make contacts, and then shoot for doing boom and utility work later on. I’ve seen that be a winning formula that works well for a lot of people, with a lot less struggle trying to make it as a sound mixer from the get go. At the end of the day, not having to purchase equipment, and going up against the already established mixers in your area, is a lot less of an uphill battle. You can still do post on the side, which I encourage. Get extremely proficient with pro-tools and izotope rx for a start, and let your customers know that you’re open to doing small post projects.
  23. Try them out and make your own decision. Everyone that posts here is going to give their own opinion which isn’t really going to steer you in any helpful direction.
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