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  1. Make sure you are not using version 3.04 thru 3.09. There may be an SD card access problem in those versions. Also if you turn off the unit while recording or the battery runs all the way down while recording, try putting the card into the unit with a fresh battery to let it recover the last open segment. It may be that the newer versions of zaxconvert are having some trouble recovering open segments.
  2. howy

    Nova 128gb cf cards

    Some people are having a problem with certain 128GB cards showing up. I bought a Sandisk extreme 128G (120MB/second UDMA7) card and it works fine. I need to get hold of a card that does not work so I can see what is happening.
  3. That was a timing problem with 7.81 (it is not a problem with audio on the primary card - it was a mirroring problem) . Update to 7.81B, re-mirror, and it should be fine. Or you could use Zaxconvert to re-mirror too. http://www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/All-Zaxcom-Software.pdf
  4. We have seen this happen when using an after market drive caddy that does not have shielding to protect the drive's electronics but since you are using a fusion this does not apply. What kind of card is it? You can try using zaxfile505.exe which will recover the entire primary CF card... https://zaxcom.com/software_update/zaxfile-deva-recover-utility-v5-05 -howy
  5. I talked to a guy at Sony and he said the inputs are not "AES" inputs they are "proprietary digital inputs" so only those manufactures that Sony deems worthy can use those inputs. The Maxx and QRX's SONY F5 menu was there because I reversed engineered their key mechanism but now with newer firmware in their cameras they made it harder to get thorough. The best course of action would be to just do what they want, sell all your gear and only buy Sony wireless from now on.
  6. Fusion does not have the partial format feature. I think your best bet is to either try to mirror the files using the fusion or use ZAXFILE505.exe from the zaxcom web (support) site.
  7. Does the meter look correct on the 743's screen? If so then it sounds like the 743 does not know how to re-scale the meter data for the ENG. I will have to look into it. -howy
  8. I will investigate the individual sleep issue and also see if I can squeeze in auto frame rate detection too. I posted TRX-947 (from May 11) to the Zaxcom forum Files thread which has the ability to go backwards thru the menu system if no card is inserted. -howy www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/TRX-947.zip 9.47 May 11 2016 Added audio gain calibration page in factory menu When no card is inserted you can now hold card and press + MENU to go backwards through the menu system 9.46 May 3 added one-time store of all settings into BIGROM when burning ROM (only if safe settings do not exist) turned on write protection for both ROMs. 9.43 Apr 6 added support for transmitting QR2-xxx.bin file to a QRX 9.41 Feb 24 fixed seg number displaying "000" on some screens when recording has not yet begun
  9. The battery life should be about the same as the existing transmitters.
  10. The new transmitters are the same as the current ones in all respects as far as the user is concerned (so they can also do 100MHz tuning). They are very similar except the new transmitters are capable of much higher signal to noise RF and very precise modulation. When a ZHD transmitter transmits the old modulation(s) it will have significantly higher dynamic range (RF wise) so you should be able to get more channels together even using the old modulation formats (maybe even 2 times as many). The software for ZHD on the transmitter and the receiver takes up a lot more horsepower. That is why the receiver can currently only receive one channel at a time for now. If I can make the receiver do 2 channels at a time it will only require a software update.
  11. Most cards should work but I have seen strange behavior with Lexar, Kingston and Delkin. We recoemend Transcend and Sandisk The slower the card the better. 800X is probably too fast and we see some trouble with some cards that say UDMA7 on them. -howy
  12. 128GB should work but make sure you get something 400x speed or less. And stay away from Kingston, Lexar and Delkin. -howy
  13. You don't want to use the pull or pull down on zaxconvert. I think Wave Agent is the easiest way. It should just change the frame rate metadata stamp. There is a good chance you could use the files as-is too since the WAV time code stamp is in Samples Past Midnight and does not care about frame rates (with the exception of pull up vs pull down rates).
  14. I will have to double check. What firmware are all you guys running with this serial QRX setup? Note there is a menu now in QRX that specifies what the serial port is supposed to do that would have to be set to ZAXLAN for this to work. I still need to check it though since I have not wired up this setup in a log time.
  15. The ZaxFile_505.exe recovery utility should get them back. Note that it requires Windows XP,Vista (and maybe Windows 7 with administrator privileges) to run.
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