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  1. Rob Stalder

    Rastorder VK cart

    Announcement. VK cart reduced in price while stock lasts. AU$1700.00
  2. Rob Stalder

    Freight rates & other things

    Early Announcement; Extended shutdown over Christmas period November, December 2018. January, February 2019...
  3. Rob Stalder

    DD cart

    Hi Jobo. Will this do - DD cart belonging to Gavin Marsh - Sydney - Auss
  4. Rob Stalder

    Rastorder Mb (Mixer bag) cart

    I've made a shelf for the Mb cart. For a control surface mixer. Dimensions - 450mm wide x 330mm F to B and 70mm side ht at rear with 30mm side ht at front. It bolts on using 2 existing bolts at the front top shelf position. I'm wondering if this might be a little low and if the shelf might be a little large. I could also make a smaller one to be available as well. Any comments from Mb users would be appreciated. Cantarem 2 is 280W x 190D x 35H. Cantares is 410W x 282D x 100H. (I think) CL-12 Alaia is 380W x 287D x 96H. It could also be attached to the top front bar position, making it a bit higher. There are 3 rivet nuts on the (facing front) top bar for a Quickfist or Toolflex. One of the holes in the rear of the shelf could utilise one of these rivet nuts and a hole could be drilled through the other side of the top bar by the owner to insert a bolt and nut. What I could do is put another rivet nut in all the Mb carts I sell from now on.
  5. Rob Stalder

    This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Some pics of the extenders on the Foldup cart rear uprights... Also pic of DD cart dual monitor mount on Foldup cart top removable shelf. This will have to be retrofitted by owners. Screws will be supplied.
  6. Rob Stalder

    This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Also happened are some extenders for the rear uprights of the Foldup. There will be 2 types. 1 goes over the uprights @ 32mm square and converts to a 25mm square that the lift off shelf goes over. 2 goes inside the uprights @ 19mm or 18.5 mm square and converts to a 25mm square that the lift off shelf goes over. I myself prefer the inner one as they look a bit more tidy... Have less play in the connection. But that's a personal opinion. If you were to have any doubts about the security of the connection, you would be advised to put a bolt through the extender to the upright. The inner one struck an issue. In the later Foldup uprights (from 130 onwards) I discovered that the inner width would take a 19mm square tube. All good. However pre 130, the inner width was less and the 19mm tube got jammed. So at the moment I am sourcing some 18.5mm square, machined Wearex. (what they use on conveyer belts) In the pictures you will see a couple I ground down myself (roughly) with the angle grinder. They will sell for AU$75 a pair.
  7. Rob Stalder

    DD cart

    I have finally made some sliding shelves for the DD cart - AU$100. Also by popular demand, some rack width folding dual monitor mounts - AU$65 a pair. They mount into 2 nut inserts in top of side frames. Also its been pointed out that the standard middle shelf with the lip around it just wont fit a Sound Device CL 12 Alaia. Apparently the internal width is compromised by the protruding bolts & nuts. The solution I have come up with is to mount these shelves with low profile Philip head bolts inserted from the inside, nut on outside.
  8. Rob Stalder

    This could be me & my foldup cart...

    The bags good eh... So your drilling more holes_ Its ok I can cope. They usually end up with interesting results. I have one of those plastic folding drink cups. Had it for years, couldn't figure out what to do with it. now I know. Also noticed more holes in the bottom pic. Looks like you've attached a tyre pump to one of the rear bars. Wonder what you do to your car... Best wishes.
  9. Rob Stalder

    This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Mark Messenger (New Zealand) had the idea of a travelling bag for his Foldup cart. He went to Helen at Stash-It (New Zealand). https://www.stash-it.co.nz/ Together they came up with a surf board style bag. Helen can make you one for under NZ$400. (a steal) In my mind this lateral thinking on Mark's part has given the Foldup cart travelling legs. I think they go hand in hand...
  10. Rob Stalder

    Freight rates & other things

    Small price changes on freight - see specification pages of individual carts. A few accessory item price increases also. Money doesn't stand still anymore... www.rastorder.com.au
  11. Rob Stalder

    Sound Devices and Audio Limited merger interview

    Works fine on my desktop. Interesting merger, I owned several Audio Limited radio mics. Impeccable quality.
  12. Rob Stalder


    Me too. Happy birthday JW.
  13. Rob Stalder

    This could be me & my foldup cart...

    CJ's doing it with the SKB sliding shelf. Works for me (and obviously for him).
  14. Rob Stalder

    Boom operators - Cool photos

    Found this the other day. 1968 Channel 7 Sydney Australia - "The Mavis Bramston Show" - to air live. Rob Stalder on Boom, Michael Brown on dolly.
  15. Rob Stalder

    DD cart

    Me too... Its not rack mount width. Its a little itsy bitsy Muppet of a cart. Its not trying to be all things to all people. I think the external tray width is 400mm. I think rack width is about 495mm. Now Mirror it needs a bit of lateral thinking here and I know you are capable of it. Most rack mount products could sit on the shelf and hang off the side... So if you want a rack mount cart I make several.