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  1. hi I am based in Montreal I use block 19-20-22-26 A-1-B-1 without problem. there is a frequency calculation application manufactured here and works very well http://eazyrf.com/default.html here is a screenshot of the TV Chanel for the equipment here we have Transmission Squelch who are specialized in wireless and there are Wisycom depositary http://www.transmissionsquelch.ca/Transmission_Squelch/Accueil.html
  2. Hi I was wondering if there was news on this subject I have a great deal on an MCR-42 and I already have a lot of TX Lectro and I would like to use them occasionally so my question is this the sound quality is good enough? thank you
  3. yes I could do that but I am often short on R1A and find the volume is easy to change by accident
  4. Since we are talking about compatibility I have a question: I use an IFBt4 and some R1A but I would like to send a feed on a camera as hop and I wonder what receivers I could use? I want the smallest possible like UCR100 i don't want to hijack the tread thank's Oups sorry for the font and the blue color!
  5. I always use Sennheiser to make camera hop I take SK2000 because they goes at 100mw and I use G3 receiver on camera this allows me to keep my Lectrosonics as microphone every time i used my Lectrosonics for camera hop this always caused me problem with my SR in the bag even if I was using different block
  6. I already possesses a DNS1000 that I used for live tv show it's almost magic... I will not used a DNS2 in a bag situation I totally agree with MobileMike but it's a good news if a want more separate Chanel in tv show if the price is not to high because it is difficult to get a good price for renting.
  7. I am using the Betso Sharkie antenna with the Broady as122 DA antenna in a hiden camera show and i still can not believe how I managed to make such distance as far as 300 feets with out any concern about dropout I used it active way but sometime I give + or - DB depending my need
  8. I am a daily visitor of this forum and rarely or never I give my opinion mostly because my English writing is not very good (thank's to Google translator) but I really like Betso products and I wanted to Share my experience I have six SBOX-1N and two Sharkie antennas I use it in any kind of situation mostly In hidden camera show and they work like a charm I also exchange a couple of mail with Jan from Betso excellent service and very fast response. I recommended their product and I can not wait they come out with a new thing
  9. Member since 2012 I come to this forum every day, my first post to thank you and wish you a happy birthday
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