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  1. Interesting topic. Currently my system includes the following all setup in the living room: - Panasonic 65" OLED 4k TV - Bose 5.1 surround sound box thingy (bought second hand from local HiFi store) - Marantz NR 1509 7.1 Receiver setup using the Audessey which definitely helps with getting the settings right Sound is good all round and rumbles are enough to upset the wife.
  2. Just looking in the Sound Devices 633 manual and noticed this on page 29: What does this mean? Are they advising that you somehow add a connection between pins 3 and 1 of the male end of the unbalanced XLR cable. If so how do you do this. Many thanks in advance.
  3. There is this page on NoFilmSchool https://nofilmschool.com/watch-adorama-live-show-nab-here-no-film-school
  4. @PalmerT If the process fails for any reason, you know you have a bad card. It may not tell you what the exact issue is but rather that there is a problem with the card.
  5. Did anyone who has had this issue done a secure wipe (i.e. write zeros over the entire card) of the card and then tried using it again. This will help identify any issues the card may have. Can do this within Apple's Disk Utility. No idea how to do on a PC. Once done I would then format the card within the 633.
  6. I have been using a very similar setup for a number of years except the recorder (I use a Roland R26 and Sony lav's). Generally I set the sensitivity on the Lavs to the best level that does not distort. This is something that you have to test with mic positioning (plus mic type) and listening through the Azden. Once you have the lav on the talent then adjust the level on the Azden to one that has plenty of gain by listening and looking at the UV meters. It is also important to ensure that your gain has enough room in it if there is a sudden increase. Once this is set, then on your recorder you will need to set the sensitivity and then the gain depending on the volume. Whilst recording monitor your levels and adjust as need be. All of this takes practice and learning from mistakes...
  7. Looks like a great technique provided the talent is will to wear all dark colours and the shoot is a noir shadowy type film. Will keep this in mind for my next corporate shoot. Thanks.
  8. Glyn

    Zoom F8n.

    So what has happened. It is almost a week since the last post on this thread. Has no one received there F8n yet? Or is that those who have one now are so busy they have no time to spend on jwsound.
  9. Glyn

    Advice for a novice

    I use the 416 as my only boom mic due to not having any others (beside a NTG1). Never really have much of a problem with it. Inside or outside. The only issue I have had is the rear rejection. If I place it too close to the roof inside a room with Air-con in the ceiling it gets picked up almost as clearly as the talent. Just one of the quirks of the mic I guess.
  10. Glyn

    Zoom F8n.

    Has anyone seen any word on when the F8n will be out. Any mention of it at Cinegear
  11. On the -pre6 is there any pre-roll (pre-record) facility?
  12. I guess no one knows anything more than what is mentioned on the website. Looks like a great concept. Be interesting to see how well it goes. Hope it is not too noisy. I guess, perhaps if it is they may have a anti-noise module.
  13. Glyn

    Moleskin in Australia

    My thanks for getting back Nate,, I will go ahead with the Medi-fix solution. Can I get that easily in any chemist
  14. Glyn

    Moleskin in Australia

    Thanks for looking Nate. Look forward to reading your reply.
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