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  1. I used Steiner electric in Chicago. They laid out the hole pattern for the panel. It seems super solid and I’m not worried about it at all.
  2. It’s from 80/20. They cut the corners out and drilled and countersunk the holes. Rounded the edge as well. No think of like a 1/4” solid slab of hdpe with thin aluminum veneer on each side. Lighter than solid aluminum and less expensive but seems very solid. I think they just call it aluminum composite on their site.
  3. Amazing weather today.. finally found some time to dig into this cart project. Here’s about 3 hours work. First impressions... I like this T-slot stuff. Seems slightly fiddly at first but then gets really solid as you tighten things up. Pre-loading the hardware on things is the way to go. The panel material is called Alucobest and seems very solid. Basically a solid 1/4” slab of some kind of heavy duty plastic with very thin aluminum cladding on both sides. Hope it never catches fire cause I’m sure it will give me cancer. All of 80/20’s cuts and milling work was spot on and everything fit together easily. I used ‘central connectors’ in many places and I like them. They require special milling and you have to go through a distributor. Which I would recommend doing anyway. Sometimes it would be worth the extra money for the T-nuts with little spring balls to hold them in place... wasted a good chunk of time trying to locate the nuts just right for the bottom panel. Price came out to about the same as a converted magliner junior but I like this better and it has 10” wheels all around. Basically I wanted a camera case style cart but with modularity and my exact dimensions and I think I achieved that. Though not in the budget this year, the dimensions have rack drawers in mind and could be installed to either or both the long side and short side. Cheers, DH
  4. I don’t have the part numbers handy but just their standard 10” pneumatic casters. Two rigid, two swivel with foot brake. 4x4.5” plate mount I think. I think 80/20 charges less for a smooth drill through hole. I think it’s called an access hole in their parlance.
  5. I got all the stuff I ordered last week plus picked up an order from McMaster for casters and miscellaneous hardware. hoping to start building this weekend sometime.
  6. https://www.mcmaster.com/6435K19/ and replace the socket head screw with something like this: https://www.mcmaster.com/9976K16/ though with this exact part the handle would be awfully short. Maybe a local machinist could make something longer. just an idea.
  7. Here’s an idea for diy’ing. Buy split shaft collars and machine a handle to have the right thread on one side. Add a rubber grip. I’m not a huge fan of the innovative rotating handles because they have a tendency to slip when you need them. Like going up a ramp.
  8. At least find a power bank that operates at 12 volts. Otherwise you’ll be losing some efficiency to the boost converter. The RF/EMI noise could be a real issue.
  9. I would recommend buying even used professional NP1s before going this route. But yes, it would probably work.
  10. I have a couple penn elcom steel drawers and I’m not impressed with them at all. Glides seem cheap, are poorly aligned and come off track occasionally. Overall build quality just seems low. I contacted them to see what they might offer for help and basically the answer was nothing since I was out of warranty even though they discontinued the model I have probably because of flaws. I have them in a rack with a Rackman brand drawer that is much nicer and the two brands do not play nicely and rub against each other making them both hard to open. Really too bad that Rackman went under. In the future I’ll probably try middle Atlantic or maybe Starcase since they’re relatively close and I could go pickup an order. Anyone used the Starcase aluminum drawers recently that can comment on build quality? On the other hand I have a sliding shelf from Penn Elcom that I actually do like and seems nicer than the drawers so maybe they just have a range of quality to sort through. I do like that they offer their drawers with many options of depth and also have a “touring grade” drawer that I think comes with rear rail supports or is compatible with supports.
  11. Both. So different sizes but definitely looking for round not zip cord. Though zip cord works well for most barrel type connectors.
  12. I just bought some 16/2 round boat cable as well as various size 2 conductor unshielded cable from Pacer which sells marine electrical supplies. The wire itself is high quality with individually tinned copper stranding and nice insulation on the individual conductors but the cable jacket overall insulation is a lot stiffer than I’d like.
  13. I feel like I’ve tried so many and still haven’t found a favorite. Specifically talking about 2-conductor, unshielded, stranded cable, round cable, not zip. 16, 20, & 22 awg. My main hang up is I can’t find one I like that is flexible enough. Something close to good mic cable ideally. closest I’ve come is 16/2 sjo cable by the foot from Home Depot which is just like a thin stinger but the insulation on the conductors melts back pretty terribly. Really only made for crimping or screw down connections. Any ideas?
  14. Just a suggestion. I’d love to see a new bracket that is lightweight and low profile and mounts to the pole in a way that doesn’t require the little pole section and extra quicklok. The weight adds up and with a smaller UMP and a small transmitter like an SM or even SSM I’d want to minimize the weight as much as possible.
  15. Completely agree. What’s the big deal with slot receivers? I think they just scratch some kind of plug-n-play itch that everyone has. Maybe it goes back to the satisfaction of inserting Nintendo cartridges. (I fall squarely in that generation so it’s not meant as a dis. Maybe a little) Looking for an interface for RF and audio between this and your recorder? They’re called cables! I’m making fun but seriously over the years I’ve found the original 411 to be much more plug-n-play than the SR. Want to Velcro one to a powered speaker for a wireless vog or playback rig? Two 9 volts, an xlr shorty and you’re there. No L-mount sled to hookup, batteries to charge or TA adapter cables. I see this has TA3s and SMA connectors too but nothing’s perfect I guess. I think if you want Dante you just need to pony up for the D squared which seems positioned to be the venue killer. I recently watched my friend try to setup Dante for the first time and I gotta say it did not necessarily look any easier. Software updates were needed, a laptop came out. Good grief!
  16. Karl said in the presentation it’s the same form factor and should fit previous accessories. Maybe time to get my UMC200 upgraded to wideband. That said, the faceplate is different and looked sort of rounded and may not fit the dashboard squarely.
  17. In the presentation Karl says you can tune the two freqs wherever you want within the full tuning range. Nice. I gotta say, I am glad Lectro decided to buck the slot mount trend. (To be fair they started it) And all the integration? I could really care less. I mean how often are you adjusting the thing once it’s setup? Lectro excels at turn it on and go, non-fussy gear. If you like fussy gear there are plenty of options. I think it’s all a bit overrated at least at the expense of better core performance. I’d take the larger screen and human sized buttons of this thing to a smaller screen or a recorder based control panel that’s going to be buggy for the next 3 years. If you really need that you can setup wireless designer. I’m really, really pleased to see a new piece of gear that is focused on performance and reliability rather than features and doodads. Thanks Lectro. As Karl said in the video the 411 was designed almost 20 years ago but it’s still my favorite receiver to use. I think that says a lot. Now all that’s left is a true digital successor to the SM. I can wait.
  18. Yeah I hate the Facebook format. If it weren’t so popular especially for buying and selling gear I’d be off of it a long time ago. This site is and has always been the best for sound shop talk. I miss the Senator a bit even though I came under his fire quite a few times. I miss Oleg for his shenanigans as well. I guess he’s still on Facebook somewhere.
  19. Ok looks pretty sweet but does it have pong??
  20. I want to see this new Lectro receiver!
  21. A new 411?? Now that’s exciting. Bet the engineers were happy to work with a bigger box than the SR for a change.
  22. Jeff, I’ll forward you my email with Bioenno. With the 40Ah battery and a 10 amp supply i think you’d be fine. Especially with your cart drawing 4-6 A probably. I think the problem with my setup is my power supply has too much capacity. 19 A.
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