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  1. Since you reference SMV L, not a specific block, please ensure both are listed as the same block. If one unit is block 470 and the other is block 19, there is a possibility that they are set to the same frequency (for example, 487.000 is available in both block 470 and block 19) but will have different pilot tones and therefore not pair properly. If this is the case, you can make them work together by turning off the pilot tone. Best, Wes Herron -- Lectrosonics
  2. WesH


    That is an excellent piece of work, Shastapete! 😂
  3. WesH

    Zoom F8

    Hi all, The higher-rated 1/8W 0805 parts were incorporated into the circuit boards in March of 2011 effective with the following start serial numbers: SRA: 101404 SRA5P: 61306 SRA/E01: 476 SRA5P/E01: 50320 Best regards, Wes Herron Lectrosonics
  4. Hi Adam, The tweaker blade width is 3/32". Hope this helps! Best, Wes
  5. They look a little different now than they did when this MaxiMouse was sold, but we still offer the CH40 for sale. Give the factory a call and we'll get you pointed in the right direction. Best, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  6. That is one nice-looking Maxi Mouse! I have an original Mouse I use for camping and LOVE it.... On a whim, I looked up our 'last purchase' info for repair batteries (it was a LONG time ago). The battery we purchased for these units is a Power-Sonic sealed 6V 4.6Ah 230mA lead-acid battery. Mouser's part number is 547-PS-640, at $13.45 each; YMMV (your moolah may vary). They are available as of 29 June 2017. Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  7. IronFilm, 2.1mm x 5.5mm is indeed correct. alenK, thank you for the kind words - no apology needed as no offense taken! Regarding the dimensional ambiguities, some of it may come from past custom when our connectors were sourced through American manufacturers. We don't intentionally sow uncertainty; it just sometimes seems that way. ;-) Best, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  8. Part number 21747 is a Shogyo part, their # A/111/05. 21747 has 20AWG wire as opposed to the 22 it sounds like you want; FYI. Best, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  9. Neat idea! Our pigtail, p/n 21586 ("PLUG PWR LOCKING W/6PIGTAIL DC16A # 22 WIRE"), should work quite nicely for this and may save you some time. To answer your specific question: The power connector is from RDI, their p/n RDJ-3026AE-NL. Hope this helps! Best regards, Wes Herron Lectrosonics
  10. Hi Pat, p/n 28832 is a stainless steel socket head setscrew, #6-32 thread x 1/8" long. Feel free to contact our service department (800) 821-1121 and we'll throw a couple in an envelope for you. Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  11. Nice photographs ~ yep, that looks good to me as well. I'm glad you were able to rule out the "easy" fix first. Regards, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  12. This was an occasional problem with our carbon-based assembly machines (i.e. human beings). If you feel at all comfortable with a screwdriver, you can check for this yourself. Make sure your receiver is unhooked from its power source and remove the two screws at the top end near the control panel. Gently slide back the case; you can see the red antenna wires protruding from the control panel between the two circuit boards. You should be able to see a solder connection at both forks just behind the control panel rear surface; if there's no solder there and you feel comfortable doing it, very carefully solder the antenna wires. If that's not it, Raycom or Audio Related can help you out. If that IS it, my apologies. Regards, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  13. The screws that hold the adjustable element to the fixed element are #4-40 x 3/16" 100 degree flat head screws (our p/n 28528) - you should be able to get them at your local hardware store in short order. If you can afford the mail delay, contact Customer Service and we'll be glad to send you some replacements. Best, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  14. Hi millar, Alas, a trip to the mothership is definitely in order. Contact Joe in Repair at Lectrosonics Canada and we can get you fixed up. Regards, Wes Herron (once engineer, now [mostly] human) Lectrosonics, Inc.
  15. Todd, thanks for the update! Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
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