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  1. Sent in mine! For some reason the first post link wasn't working but the main page link worked ok. Thanks Jeff for providing a great forum.
  2. First, I can tell you that choir mics are not the prefered choice but because of whatever reasons your situation presents here is my experiance in case it's the only option: I had something like you are mentioning rigged in university classrooms in a similar fashion for recording of class lectures. I used Audio-Technica PRO45 choir mics mostly for business reasons and not because it was the prefered choice but that was out of my control. Needless to say though, the pro45s still did a great job given the situation. Our tables are 90 degrees in orientation from what you showed in the pic but my config was to rig a choir mic in the junctions of the suspended ceiling to a distance of about 8 feet from floor. I would cut a small slit in the tile for the cable just enough to not create any added tension on the cable and the tile sat down perfectly. These were for a more permanant fixture so cutting tile might not be for you. I would orient the cardioid down each row of tables. They are only "good" for about a few seats for sure and invariably, you're always going to have the softest speaking student the furthest distance from any of the mics but what are you going to do. Depending on your situation you may be able to ride it during conversation. Some of our classrooms had desktop all-in-one style machines at every seat and in order to clean a bit of that noise, I had the hanging array pipe into a rack eq in each room pre stream for those rooms.
  3. Was a pleasure chatting with you Adam.
  4. I really enjoyed meeting everyone that I got around to meeting. Was really a great time and the food was pretty good.
  5. Shot in the dark here, but what's the health of the drive you are writing to? Run disk utility first aid, any SMART errors?
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