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  1. Hi Everyone-- I'm about to start a show where some of the talent will be wearing an ascot. Does anyone have any specifics about hiding a mic in an ascot? thanks
  2. I'm the "documentarian" for our garden club. Used to shoot just photos of guest speakers, I now want video. I have a Canon Vixia HF G10, but like anything, if I want to get the speaker, I'll need a mic. Since we do hands-on work in our field (sometimes IN a field), I'm looking at a wirelessa lav mic kit. Second, I'd like the presenter to also take questions from the audience, so now I need a handheld mic. Third, I have a Rode shotgun mic that I use for my children's school performances, I can use this for background. Lav, handheld, stereo shotgun: that's 4 channels. Budget: $500 $1000 $1500 (firm) This is MY mad money and I'm at the level of pain and doubting my sanity at this point. Turns out, anything kit below $600 has just enough detractors to tell me that I need at least a Sennheiser G3 set-up. Some reviews even point to the Sennheisers specifically. Here's where I am (at B&H): Sennheiser ew 112-p G3 Camera Mount Wireless Microphone System with ME2 Lavalier Mic - A (516-558 MHz): This gets me a Lav Mic, a transmitter and a receiver. Sennheiser ew 135-p G3 Camera Mount Wireless Microphone System with 835 Handheld Mic - A (516-558 MHz): This gets me a handheld mic with a built-in transmitter, and a reciever. Rolls MX124 Portable 4 Channel Stereo Mixer Converters for the 1/8" plugs to go into the XLR inputs of the mixer. Questions: 1) Did I do okay with my shopping list? 2) B&H sells Sennheiser ENG kits with one receiver, a lav + transmitter, and a handheld XLR transmitter plug. That's two transmitters with only one receiver. Am I missing something? Wouldn't this just result in a pile of crappy clipping of the handheld plug and the lav are transmitting on the same frequency? I'd need to buy another receiver and a mixer if I wanted to use both sound sources with such a kit. Right? I'll post links to all the products in question in a reply.
  3. I have recently been experiencing odd noises coming from my G3 receivers. The noises sound digital in nature, its not static or RF interference. I noticed that the noise is only apparent when the backlight on the screen of the receiver turns off. When you press a button to wake the screen back up again the noise goes away. The noise is also synchronous with the the little LCD display, in other words, when something moves on the display (like the audio level indicator) when the backlight is off, you hear the little digital artifacts. It is very odd, and very annoying. I recorded a sample of the noise. The first part is the noise by itself, with the lav on the transmitter muted. The second part is the noise with the lav on, and how it reacts when there is sound going through. Anyone have any ideas? Here is the link to the audio file.
  4. Hi everyone Here in the UK, we use for some wireless headphones and receivers a frequency between 864-865Mhz as it is free of licence. As this frequency falls in the rage of wide-band antennas, i was wondering if i could plug my ifb transmitter to the antenna out on my venue receiver and use my 2 shark fin antennas with it at the same time as using the venue? Will it work or will it make some interference from one system to the other? Thanks
  5. I guess the biggest change for the audio side of things at NAB could arguably be wireless timecode. The Timecode buddy made a big splash in the waters. Timecode over wifi!? Wahoo! But Ambient did the same thing - currently, it doesn't speak to Idevices mind you but with their new firmware speaking to each of the ACL204's and it functioning properly I'm sure the next software update will speak to Idevices and their timecode app. Then of course - Zaxcom Nomad and their ERX1TCD's - do a similar thing. The ERX1TCD can serve as both "comtek" and/or timecode receiver. The cool thing here is on drop out, the ERX1TCD is also a generator so it continues its timecode. And guess what? All on a wifi 2.4ghz signal. Could Zaxcom not build an app for the Ipad? Technically pricing is relatively similar. So which is the better system and why? Why go with one over the other? Is wifi a reliable transmission? It sure is nice to not have to re-jam every three hours. Anybody have any experience and recommendations? What features make one better?
  6. Dear community, I would like to make a simple "T" power supply for my old 416T, intended to be used on a wireless boom. I don't want to use a barrel style adapter, as that kind of adapter eats up lots of power just to convert the P48 to T12, and I don't want to be changing batteries on a plug-on TX every hour. Plus, using external power would allow me to use basically any TX. I already have a lightweight 12V Li-Ion rechargeable (which actually gave me the idea for that project), so that's no problem. However I can't find any reliable diagrams on the web, they all show the 180 Ohms resistors but differ widely in coupling capacitor values. Any pointers? THX in advance
  7. Hey Soundies, I'm doing a few days shooting in Majorca next week and wondered if any of ya'll knew which channel to use out there. I have two Ch69's and two Ch38's. I've heard bad things about ch69's around the Med' but would love to hear from anyones first hand knowledge/ experience. Thanks in advance Sam
  8. Larry, Could you please share any info about this new SRb receiver? Does it have a tracking front end? Thanks, Glen
  9. Hello ~ I'm getting ready to do some shooting, and I was wondering exactly what comtek equipment i would need to run a wireless headphone feed to on-set people. Ideally the director would wear a belt pack that he could plug MDR 7506's into. Give me some suggestions and a general context on wireless headphone equipment. No foldback mic required, just playback! thanks commpost
  10. Hi folks, I always thought the Audio Ltd. TX/RX (and Lectro as well) had SMA connectors for the antennae. No I ordered a pack of SMAs for a small antenna distribution DIY project, and these are way bigger than the ones on the RX. Otherwise they look the same, just "zoomed in". Anybody care to give me the exact type of connector? THX in advance Peter
  11. Hi I just purchased a used Lectrosonics wireless setup and the M-140 has a bad termination. The NYC store I purchased it at won't back up the deal - they said this used gear is "AS IS." I need to get the mic fixed - any place recommended and what should that cost. Seems straight forward. THANKS!!!
  12. Hey guys, I just got a call from the folks over at Sheathing Technologies Inc about ordering body pack covers from them for my smqv's. What it came down to was, I have to order 2 boxes of 100 pieces minimum at $39ea. They're going to charge me $5 to ship to a residential address They want $22 to ship to my house in Austin Good on them for doing what they've gotta do, but I'm really only looking for around 50, so I thought it'd see if anyone out there had a supply they wouldn't mind selling from. Interested? Thanks, Parker
  13. Title says it all. I'm looking to put together a new camera hop rig and need one more receiver.
  14. Calling all mixers with japan experience, especially with wireless issues. Any information helpful as i head over there with feature film for a few weeks. Especially in regards to wireless frequencies in tokyo, but also interested in general conditions, power issues etc. Appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance,guntis
  15. Hi guys, I'm still quite new here, so if this question is in the wrong forum, just let me know and I'll try to move it. I'm a sound artist and unfortunately not a trained technician. For a new project I need to work with 6 wireless transmitter / reciever packs, walking around in the city. I've checked with the usual firm where I rent my super high end equipment, and they gave me an offer for 5 weeks rent of 6 Sennheiser SK5212-II + EK3241. I have worked with those once before and they worked beautifully. However, our budget is limited, and we were wondering if it wouldn't be cheaper to buy the transmitter/recievers (especially in the long run, with doing at least 10 shows with this piece). Buying 6 of the Sennheiser ones is out of the question, that's way beyond our budget. So here's my question: does anyone know of some wireless packs that are good, can attach to DPA 4060's and are in the price range of 500 - 750 euro per pack. and where you can use 6 of them at the same time, and are at the same time not too prone to RF interference (we will be walking around in the city, so in the midst of telefone, wifi, electrical fields and radio signals i've heard sony made some decent ones that were in this price range, but unfortunately I don't know make and model. If you could help me out, and suggest some brands and models I could check out, I'd be very grateful. Kind regards Stijn
  16. I'm working at E3 at the LA convention center over the next few days- It's pretty much going to be a free for all with all the crews from around the world being there. Does anyone have any tips on how to stake your claim with your wireless mic frequencies.- I have a presenter walking around wearing a lav and using a wireless handheld to interview people. I also will be using a Zaxcom stereo hop to camera- tho I'll keep a breakaway cable handy just in case. I have a list of frequencies that the venue is using so I'll stay well clear of those, and I'll start off by finding the best frequencies I can and I'll never switch off the transmitters so if anyone else scans near me they'll hopefully stay well away from me. Just trying to avoid any RF rage as best I can.
  17. Obviously not many options to keep the signal in the digital domain: zaxcom trx942 and lectrosonics d4. And so what solutions (da converter + TX + powering) have folks employed when going via analogue transmitters? As the solution would be worn and operated by a boom op the powering and size of the overall solution needs to be considered along with quality, reliability and compatibility. All observations welcome. dan. ps. Frequencies permitting there is high likely hood we will have 2 d4 systems for monitoring anyway. Do d4 TX and RX operate well in close proximity to each other? eg in the same bag/pouc the boom op would be wearing?
  18. Hello All! I've been asked to work for a documentary shoot that's happening in Senegal, Dakar to be exact. I've never been to Africa, but have seen the thread about 'mixer going to Africa'. Valuable information indeed. My workflow is going to be two Canon cameras 5d and 7d which i will feed wirelessly with sennheiser systems, and i will record double system on my mixer&recorder combo. (442&680). My biggest gripe is radio frequencies. I have two Micron Explorer 100 systems on UK69 freqs (841-864) and a sennheiser radios that work on similar frequencies for Europe - 830-866) That corresponds to lectro block 33 roughly. Can i safely and reliably use those in Senegal? Also, is it true that i should bathe myself in the ocean so i don't get sick with any of the possible diseases i can get there? My doctor said so, and I was pretty sad to hear that Thanks for all the info around here, really invaluable stuff. B
  19. Hi all, I'm setting up a Sennheiser G3 wireless system and I'm wondering what the optimum output to my Sound Devices 552 (or a camera for that matter) would be. Based on this discussion and here I thought I should output at the receiver's max of +12 and input to my 552 mixer at line level. When I do this however I get a really low signal and I need to boost the gain on my mixer to almost max just to get a good level. The same goes when plugging the G3 directly into the camera at line level. I have to turn the input level to max and it is still a fairly weak signal. With my Lectro 411a receivers I run +5 and line in on the mixer and get a great signal. How do others set up their Sennheiser G3 receivers for optimum output. Does everyone use a lower output on the receiver and input to mixer/camera at mic level. Surely you would want to avoid to not-so-great camera preamps? Does anyone know what unity level is on the G3 receivers? What I mean by this is, for example, on a Lectrosonics 411a the +5 setting is the un-boosted/un-attenuated signal. What is the equivalent on a Sennheiser G3 wireless receiver? Many thanks! Apologies in advance if this has already been covered in a thread already, numberous searches yielded no relevent results. If there is then please let me know.
  20. I normally use either tram or cos11 with my lectro radios, but there has been a few occasions that although the cable is cream or withe, the shirt or blouse of the actors is very see-through and you can see the cable. Or the material is too tight and it creates a vein like effect. I have 2 Countryman B6 that normally are very good in this cases, as the cable is hair thin; but i find the sound a bit thin and very sensitive to clothing noise. What other options are around with such a thin cable? the actual size of the mic is also good, but now as critical.
  21. I have been using a lot my Lectro HM plug as a wireless boom and i love the quality and how convenient it is. What i was wondering is, would it be possible to modify it as to have a split that can go into a pair of headphones? Thus creating a direct monitoring for the boom op?
  22. Hi All, Please join myself and Glenn Sanders at Coffey Sound for a Seminar & BBQ on Saturday, February 18th. The seminar will start at 9am followed by a BBQ lunch where we'll be raffling off 3 ERX1 IFB audio receivers. Glenn will be demonstrating the first all digital sound bag utilizing Nomad and our new STA042 stereo camera link. He'll also be introducing new wireless features including our new SlipStream™ software mode and PowerRoll. Full details are on our website: http://www.zaxcom.co...nts-exhibitions Hope to see you there! Colleen
  23. Has anyone worked with Daniel Day-Lewis?...it seems in most of at least later films he has a specific mic technique...the sound of his breath etc...which is of course very convincing and is all part of his total package etc. If you have worked with him does he or can he request a certain mic technique? Has anyone encountered a high profile actor whose contract states some sort of micing technique or mic usage? Of course many musicians I have worked with have very specific mic and eq recommendations if they don't know you as a mixer...wondered if anyone has encountered that with an actor...
  24. Here's a link to the Audioroot cLINK 2.4Ghz camera hop: http://www.audioroot.fr/audioroot-wireless-audio-camera-link-product-42.html I'm not sure of the various attempts to use the 2.4Ghz as the frequencies for a camera hop because of all the 'other' types of kit trying to use these frequencies including the 2.4Ghz video senders that would be sitting a few inches away! Apart from that I think it looks fantastic! Wil
  25. Group, The second forty five day database trial for a White Space database administrator, will begin on Wednesday December 7th. Telecordia will begin its trial at 12:01 EST. The URL to register licensed and unlicensed wireless microphone channels is: https://prism.telcor...ome/trial.shtml Attached is the FCC Public Notice, worth reading... DA-11-1956A1.doc
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