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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Members- Before jumping into the Zaxcom family, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the range of Zaxnet on a Nomad without any additional amplification or antennae. Here's the question: Will Zaxnet (without any additional amplification or antennae) have a better range than my old Comtek M-72 to PR-72's? Will it rival my Lectrosonics 50 mw LMa beltpack transmitter in IFB mode running to Lectro R1a's??? Thanks in advance for anyone able to give me a rough comparison.... -Vincent
  2. Hey folks! I'm trying to figure out the best Zaxnet antenna for my Nomad. Seeking the best compromise between (1) decent signal range (2) unobtrusive form factor in the bag and (3) minimal stress on the Nomad's antenna mount. I've been using an antenna that's ~4 inches sticking straight up (pictured), but have had some issues with my bag and harness putting pressure on it, causing the mount to loosen. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  3. Great news for Maxx owners: Just spoke to Glenn and asked him about zaxnet commands from maxx TC out. He assured me it will happen. No timeline yet but still a positive development.
  4. Hi! I need to buy another AMP for my zaxnet, I was using an Sunhans esunrc 3000 mW 2.4 GHz Just want to know if someone have a better alternative to this I seen there are other models on amazon, any advice? Thanks!
  5. Hi everybody, I'm experiencing a issue with my Nomad Zaxnet and I would be glad if someone had the same problem.... and resolved it I just bought some ERX TCD 3 and was happy to test them before the shooting of a short film next week I never managed to make the Erx receiving a signal from the Nomad zaxnet. After a few hours of testing I'm pretty sure that's not a configuration problem, here is my configuration Nomad 8 (zaxnet worked on this devices some month ago with the previous owner) V7.81BDsp: Baudio rev 15Main rev 57Zaxnet Ver : NOTHING IS MENTIONED ERX TCD3 V2.11 I tried a factory reset , i tried to update from V7.97 to V7.81B (I was previously on 7.97 but since zaxnet was not working i tried the update..)I tried the function Burn zaxnet FFIRMWARE but it’s not working , the screen is stuck on ‘this will take two minutes’ You can find my IFB debug menu enclosed (the values are not changing) Any suggestions about my problem or do I have to return the nomad to Zaxcom (I'm in france so that a real problem) Best Dembo
  6. Hey everyone, I'm curious to see if anyone is using the new Master Lockit to feed continuous jam to the Nomad in the sound bag, and whether or not the Master Lockit's own 2.4ghz transmission to other ACN lockits onset are causing interference with various zaxnet commands, given that they'd be physically so close together in the bag? Cheers! Eren
  7. I've recently purchased a few options to move Nomad's zaxnet antenna to elsewhere in the bag. I then noticed a post from Glenn stating that, an antenna with a ground plane should be chosen if extending. (post 11 here) Firstly, what problems could occur when extending an antenna without a ground plane? Secondly, Is there anything in the specs of an antenna that will tell me if it has a ground plane (besides overtly stating it)? I have looked at many antennae over the last few days and haven't seen this mentioned. For the record, these are the items I bought (some of them thanks to Tom Visser and José Frias) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-4GHz-5dBi-Omni-WIFI-Antenna-SMA-MALE-for-wireless-router-/290848539329?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:IE:3160 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-4-GHz-5-dBi-Omni-wifi-Antenna-BNC-for-wireless-router-/300479593163?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:IE:3160 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290607815327 http://www.ebay.com/itm/U-fl-to-BNC-female-with-nut-pigtail-cable-/330313219623?ssPageName=ADME:L:OU:IE:3160 And a pair of these (although these will live directly on Nomad and QRX 235 if used) http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?x=0&y=0&lang=en&site=us&keywords=931-1119-ND
  8. Hi there, I would like here to share with you my experiences working with the combination of the SD633 mixer and the IFB200 Transceiver and especially the interference issues i had with. First of all, i must say that the SD633 and IFB200 are fantastic tools. The engineering behind the SD633 is huge as is the potential of the IFB200. But, the combination of this two devices is not as stress-free as we could most of as expect. Indeed, it is obvious to me today that, the SD633 and the MixPreD (witch are the two only mixers i tested until now) are not very tolerant in 2.4GHz radiations... The gear is sitting into a Petrol PS607 bag one next to each other with only the soft orange separator between them. (Photo) The kind of noise you can here is like digital disturbances of a GSM phone. It seems that the SD633 is very sensitive to the proximity AND direction of the omni 2.4GHz antenna of the IFB200. This noise is recorded when you press REC. This noise is present in the input stages only. The audio example is the Mix-L out, antenna pointing the Gain (@12 o'clock) of CH1, fader @ 12 o'clock. This phenomena is amplified when: 1: When you pointing the 2.4GHz antenna to the Gain or the fader pots 2: When you are on a closed reflective space 3/ When you are close to a reflective surface You can minimize this phenomena by: 1: Decrease the transmission power of the IFB200 (there is an issue about that, that you can read on a special topic) 2: Move the antenna far away from the mixer (the solution i adopted) 3: Chose open spaces to closed ones... ;-) In practice, you have to be always very careful about that since this noise can come and go... Not very reassuring i suppose... For me, moving the antenna was the only serious option. For that, i used a 15cm extension of a SMA-M to SMA-F coax cable. I have a 50cm extension too for a harness installation of the antenna. Hope this will help. Cheers.
  9. I am looking to get a Zaxcom ERX2TCD soon to send audio and timecode to camera (most often a RED Epic) but I am having a difficult time understanding what type of cable I will need in order to send both signals to the camera. I have a Nomad 6 and will be using the onboard Zaxnet for IFB transmission. But for the ERX onboard the camera, I am wondering if I need just a basic 1/8" cable from the ERX to the mic input on the Epic or a 1/8" from the ERX to an 1/8" and 4 pin lemo split cable or some other configuration. Also wondering if this would eliminate the need to buy/make a traditional BNC to 4 pin lemo sync cable? Any information would be very helpful.
  10. Hi, I should mention that i have [Hatted] this enquiry, but in the meantime will anybody with first hand experience answer while I wait a day or two? Do I need the TRX10 option to send T/C and remotely control the TRX900AA, or is this a standard feature of the TRX900AA out of the box? Cheers, Jack
  11. I'm not sure which thread to post this in, so I'll drop it here. A buddy of mine and I did a range test today using the following gear: Sennheiser G3 Zaxcom TRK900LA / QRX100 Lectrosonics SM / UCR411A Comtek 216 series Zaxcom ERX2TCD I understand that there's a lot of variables to doing a test such as this, but we had a lot of fun doing it, we just wanted to test our gear, and to just get a general idea on how the range was since we have never found a solid answer.. Keep in mind, this was all LOS (Line of sight) testing. All results are based on when there was a complete dropout in signal. Each test had spotty results about 30-50ft before dropout. We didn't have a way of tracking distance, so I used this site to figure it out afterwards. I'm confident that these numbers are correct. This is why we used landmarks to measure later. http://www.daftlogic.com/projects-go...calculator.htm We set everything we could to the same (or close) frequencies for the best results with what we had. We used a Zaxcom Nomad for the test. I strapped on all of the wires and IFBs and started walking. We did this same test for every piece of gear, running an IFB and a wire at the same time for communication. The results surprised us both. Starting with the Lectro, we got roughly 470ft. This was impressive since we were using only the ENG style rig with no fins. We didn't have the SMV, so I believe the output power was default 50mw, which was still great. Sennheiser G3, I believe, has an even lower mw output, but nearly got the same range. it was about 100ft shorter before cutting out. Not bad, but the sudden loud hisses were a little annoying. Zaxcom TRX900LAs set to 50mw went about 3/4 the distance as the lectro did until we bumped up the power to 125. Then it reached about where the SM went (470ft). It was still spotty. We were also still able to send commands to the transmitter via zaxnet, including the recording ability, but this could only be done when we were moved a bit closer (roughly 360ft). We also set the QRX back and forth from Dual to Single. It really didn't seem to add to the range much though. The Zaxcom ERX2TCD and the Comteks were an easy test. The ERX went almost 500ft before giving out. Sure, there were a few dropouts on the way, but overall it still sounded very good. Almost as if I were listening to the recorder itself. The Comtek didn't even go half the distance before hissing at us and making noises. The ERX was crystal clear the entire way, while the comtek sounded angry almost the entire time. Now here's the fun part. Since we both own a nomad, we wanted to try something neat. Using Zaxnet, we paired our nomads together (him transmitting and me receiving) so that he could send me audio signal from his to mine via the built in IFB. He kept the QRX and I took the TRX and a nomad with me. I was monitoring his receiver from his bag, in my headphones from my bag. This was very cool. I got a little farther than the ERX before dropping out. A little over 500ft. Of course, I couldn't hear the TRX anymore, but I could hear his slate mic when he would talk to me. This seems like a fun way to chat with other fellow zaxcom users on multi mixer ENG shoots. Haha They all had range far better than we were expecting, other than the comtek. I do believe that all of the gear reached more than enough distance for what they'd be used for. Especially in an ENG setup. Of course, if we had fins, the distance would have multiplied, I'm sure. I wish we could have had the lectro IFB with us, but I'm thinking it would have been around the SM, which was very good. Again, this was just a fun thing we wanted to do and the results came out surprising for us both. They'd be different for everyone, but now we have a general idea of what they're capable of. If there's anything anyone notices that we could have done better or something we can try next time, please let me know. I'd love to do it again with any new advice or settings. Also, any questions are welcome. I may have missed a few things. Our test was pretty extensive. - Sessoms
  12. whilst prepping for my next job, i stumbled on a way to remove the whine i was getting on the feed i was sending to my boom op on the 942 via zaxnet. i was feeding a qrx100 with ifb board a balanced feed from the TA3 output of my 788. (wired TA3 pin 1 - minijack shield, TA3 2 - minjack tip, TA3 3 - minijack ring) and selected L-R in the ifb option menu of the QRX, and the whine disappeared, and the signal got louder. and i thought of course - it effectively makes the QRX input a balanced input, which eliminated the zaxnet whine that the jumper cable between the 788 and the qrx was picking up. joy.
  13. Just wondering if there is any option some genius has figured out to boost the Zaxnet signal coming out of the Nomad from 50 to 100 mw? I want to start using Erx's as comtek/timecode feeds, but find that it doesn't have nearly as much range as my Lectro IFB system. Also don't want to get the Zaxcom IFB transmitter, that kinda defeats the purpose of Zaxnet. So, possibly a firmware upgrade, or antenna booster? Or is it just not possible? Thanks
  14. Missed the Zaxcom Nomad Seminar with Jack Norflus back in August? A video of the 3-hour event is now available to view online, complete with a thorough look at the Nomad's hardware, software features, integration into the Zaxcom line of products, and Q&A with the audience. After the Q&A in Part 2, Glenn Sanders unveils the Zaxcom Maxx: an ultra-compact digital mixer with built-in recorder and transmitter. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2 -Cory
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