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Sound Utility belt w/ pouches ideas & what they carry with them


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I've done some utility work now and have noticed that I need to have a belt with pouches in order to carry a lot of the gear I need through out the day (transpore, scissors, foot foam, wires, connectors, etc.)... I was wondering what everyone was using out there and what they had in the belt kit?

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I have an inexpensive tool pouch and belt from Home Depot. The belt is just a simple 2" web belt, the pouch is a general purpose maintenance man's pouch.

In this I keep:

a penlight,


a roll of transpore (hangs from the handy tape keeper on the bag),

pen / pencil / sharpie,

small notepad,


tweeker (2),

a small plastic box with rm-11's and moleskin,

2-4 spare batteries

razor knife,

a roll of black paper tape hangs from a large loop on the belt ready for fast deployment

Also on the belt lives my IFB and, when necessary, the radio between me and production

Anything else that can't be dealt with from this bag is something that needs attention back at the cart, so all those supplies live there.

If foot foaming is an issue, I have a plastic box the size of a shoebox that has all foot foams, furniture pads, and crutch tips inside. I can grab it and fly in with time to spare (presuming I have done my advance scouting job well) to kill those relevant sounds and avoid having to carry all that gak when not really necessary.

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Just got this stuff this week, looking forward to using it in the field:


Grip Belt - http://www.sourceshop.com/product.asp?pid=94


Camera Pouch (Customized) - http://www.sourceshop.com/product.asp?pid=90


Portabrace Clip On Velco Cable Tie (Attached to small carabiner threaded through loops for markers)


Flashlight w/case


Leatherman w/case


iPhone/Comtek Case - http://www.sourceshop.com/product.asp?pid=647





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