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Sound Mixer Hell - Hold For Plane


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" after forgetting his lines once again, he mumbled something about how he was waiting on the plane to pass "

Alibi Ike...

Even experienced actors sometimes have these moments when they encounter a block.

I don't take it personally, especially with pro's,

and with amateurs, well...

good old Alibi Ike!

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There used to be a open air theater called the Starlight Bowl that was in Balboa Park in San Diego directly below the landing path and about 3/4 mile from the runway.

They would perform mostly musicals at night and the orchestra and performers were dialed into the plane situation. Because of that the conductor would basically signal for a pause where they entirety would pause for the plane then pickup on a count in right where they left off going into the rest of the performance. It would probably happen 5 or 6 times a night and was kind of cool just for the novelty of how they dealt with the situation.

Scott Harber

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Recorded a big Ford commercial with the All Black rugby team in an aircraft hanger.

Meanwhile outside light aircraft helicopter training and a small jet trainer were operating all day!!

Need I say more?

But the hanger looked really hi-tech and great!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Mr. Deichen and I had a funny incident this afternoon: we were about to roll on a scene, and I held off rolling, yelling "hold for the jet, please!" One of the crewmembers called back with exasperation, "waiting on sound!" And I yelled back, "sound department is fine... we're waiting for the jet!" I hope he got the distinction.

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" "hold for the jet, please!" "

it depends...

YES, I said that...

especially if everyone could hear the a/c, I have been on sets, and shots, where we would not hold for a/c...

I've also been on shots where it is useful to roll as the a/c is fading, usually because there is another one following soon...so we roll, and the Director waits a bit to call "action"...

" The demeaning phrase should be abolished. "

get over it.

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