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695 Quarterly Spring Issue online

David Waelder

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The Spring Issue of the 695 Quarterly is now available online.


Go to: http://695quarterly.com/


The Quarterly is available to all; it’s not necessary to be a member to access it.


Highlights of this issue include:

  • Chris Munro’s account of recording Captain Phillips and Gravity, two very different films.
  • Part 2 of Jim Tanenbaum’s guide to working P-Cap and MoCap projects. This second part deals with the recommended practices for recording sound.
  • A recap of the award-winning teams recognized by CAS, BAFTA and the Academy
  • Robert Maxwell’s account of the challenges of working The Walking Dead.
  • And recollections of working with Jim Webb by Andy Rovins and Fred Schultz.



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Another great issue.


Many thanks to David and the rest of the staff for putting another issue put to bed. A truly thankless task, but an effort that I hope will document what we do for generations to come (as did the previous iteration of "The International Sound Technician" from the 1950's.).



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Thank you all for your kind words. They are much appreciated. I share the credit with Eric Pierce and Richard Lightstone, my co-editors, and with Laurence Abrams who makes graphic illustrations, does the online layout and supplies general advice and assistance.


@ John Gooch

The fader panels used with the Fostex 606 are custom-made. From my correspondence with Chris Munro:


"I used Fostex PD606 recorders for more or less everything. I didn't use a mixer for the whole film but used my own custom made fader panels for the PD606 and another custom made aux box that gives me 3 separate outputs for Director, Producers, Script supervisor, cameras, video assist and boom operators IFBs."



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Vin, we do have some of those old publications and here is a glimpse of one.  Take at look at the reprint that appears as the last article in this issue of the Quarterly http://www.695quarterly.com/695QuarterlyPDFs/695-Quarterly-2010-Fall.pdf called "Sound - Then and Now at Warner Bros."  It's a "looking-back-in-time" article, exploring sound production on the Warner lot and comparing how it was done 20 years ago to how it's done today... written in March of 1953!

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