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Angeled BNC connector with strain relief?

Frode L Hvatum

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4 hours ago, Frode L Hvatum said:

Thanks! How does the screw work? Is it a cover for the top of the connector? So you solder from the top/ back of the connector?


The picture doesn´t seem to show the interesting part of this connector.


There's a hole in the back that allows you to solder to the pin.  Then the round cap is screwed in for full shielding. 


NOTE:  You need the right crimp tool to do these properly.  There are some inexpensive ones on eBay that work fine for low volume output.   


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5 hours ago, Frode L Hvatum said:

Thanks for the video. Very informative. So it is secured because the crimp grips the shield. Not exactly Neutrik level of strain relief. 


A crimp collar is quite common on BNC connectors -- and various others, for that matter. 


With the right crimp tool it affords a high level of strain relief as well as RF integrity.



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On 4/25/2019 at 5:06 PM, Karl Wasserman said:

this is the most standard crimp on BNC.. problem with these are the strain relieve (the crimp on portion) is rather small in length, an what almost every time happens is the cable will be still sitting fine in the crimp part. but since bending the cable outside the strain relieve still inflict tension on the inner core it will end up breaking near the solder joint. after a while the just get ripped out of the strain relieve to.. they shoudl have  added a rubber strain relieve after the crimp part so it wont be able to bend so much that it is pulling on the inner core :(


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