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Quieting the zippers on ORCA 28?


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Any suggestions on how to quiet the zippers on a sound bag? Wrap them with tape? My Orca 28 has a ridiculous amount of zippers on the sides and when I do any sort of movement (especially walking), the zippers are very audible in my mics. It's kind of beyond me why they would put so many metal zipper pulls on a sound bag 🤷‍♂️

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I've always been bothered by "zipper clink". Even if it's on the backpack of the guy in front of me as I walk down the aisle of a plane.  

As a matter of procedure, I cut the metal "handle" off just about every zipper and replace with knotted cordage or a fancy molded option.

Sound bags, backpacks, jackets. Pretty much everything.

Added bonus is the weight savings. It's minimal of course, but you might be surprised by the small heft of die-cast metal waste in your

hand as you toss it in the bin.

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