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squeaking Cinela Piano/Piani


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Hey there,


unfortunately it´s not the first time that i´m having a sqeaking Cinela. I had this on the big Piano and also the small Piani. 

Without the fur, everything is fine. With the fur on, you add some extra weight and the rubber starts squeaking when moving.

Any ideas how to fix this??


Thanks. T.

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It’s probably a screw.  Possibly the big one at the main tilting joint.  Or possibly the smaller one at the same place.  

Or it’s the allen screw way inside that attaches the cage to the mount.  You have to take it all apart to tighten that one.


Me and my team had this keep popping up, and it was usually one of those three screws.


The only other sources of squeak we found were right around the mic and its shock mount.  Either a wire lightly brushing the mic (not a squeak really, more of a creak), or the actual shock mount thingees touching each other (that’s a squeak).


Best of luck!  You shouldn’t need to send it back.  Great blimps!  Mine have lasted 12 - 13 years and going strong.  Had to bend them back into shape a few times but man, they are just as quiet and awesome as when they were new.


Dan Izen

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Yes, this "rubber thing" is what we call the "bellows". With time and dust, there can be some friction noise between hard parts (lateral screw or main axis) and the flexible material of the bellows. Please use baby powder (talc) on surfaces in contact ! An ear stick is a good tool for that. In any case you have some unexpected noise like this one, feel free to write an email at contact@cinela.fr !

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On 9/27/2021 at 9:32 AM, TimMey said:

Sorry for my english, maybe rubber is not the right term for what I mean. This is what I‘m talking about:




Oooooohhhhh right!  I have not gotten noise from that thing before so I wasn’t even considering it.  I’d be amazed if that rubber bellows (reminds me of pantaloons haha!) is your squeaking.


So at this point you have completely disassembled it, re-assembled and tightened all the hard to reach screws, and it still squeaks?

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