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Audio Technica BP4025 & Rycote BBG?


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10 hours ago, TVPostSound said:

I use the 21mm BBG with my 4025.

One caveat, it's not good when moving.

The BBG is secured only by a ring of rubber around the body of the mic, and hits the mic when moved up and down.


Otherwise, its very good, as any Rycote blimp.


Any ideas for a small blimp that would work with the 4025? I'd rather not get something as big as the Rode blimp.

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I bought the 21mm BBG and it was super tight on the BP4025... would take an hour to fit mic all the way in
So I exchanged for the 22mm BBG... much quicker to fit all the way since their is a little more play in the rubber ring.

The BBG cover does just come into contact with the top / front of the mic, especially if you are not static, but I wonder if there is a solution ?
Well, probably this could be solved by removing and inverting the rubber ring on the BBG... but a delicate operation that could damage the BBG ?
I wonder if anyone has done this and what does Rycote say ? In my opinion the BBG is not mobile on the BP4025 because of this contact, but my solution
may work, if the mic and BBG have a margin ofair in between each other ; again, inverting the rubber ring may achieve this IMO.

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Sorry to differ, but I bought the BBG for this mic ( I added a ring to the mic so that it fits nicely) and it completely wrecks the polar pattern, the ring is right in the middle of the capsule and it sounds completely different when on. Its usable all right, but you might be dissapointed as I was. I have not found a better solution though.

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