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Solution for iPhone lightning input


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If you look carefully in that DPA article, it appears as though the mma-a is fitted with a rubber binding with three overhang segments holding it to the fixture. See that? Any idea where I could get one? I tried the general comments, questions submission on DPA but haven’t heard from anyone. Do you have someone you reach out to?


as for laptops and phones, I have been using snot tape; I keep a rolled up end which I’ve scored with a knife in the same kit. But I also have the interview kit, and with their announcements on the heels of eachother, it has been my assumption that the plastic plate with Velcro fasteners would be suited both for body packs but also perhaps for the mma-a. It isn’t. With something disk shaped, coupled with connectors out the edge, I’m hesitant to use ties (it will always fit snug to the widest dimensions, the circumference). And I think tape is not suited for that kind of movement, being upside down etc…


any suggestions?

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RØDE has just released a tiny audio interface that will allow you to use just about any mic terminated in a 3.5mm jack. https://rode.com/interfaces-and-mixers/ai-micro?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EDM - AI-Micro launch&utm_content=EDM - AI-Micro launch+CID_55372acfbca4199d66959d551cbf974b&utm_source=eBlast Campaign Monitor&utm_term=CHECK IT OUT#buy_now_links

Lightening cable is included but it is not restricted to Lightening. It came out a day or two ago so I obviously haven't tried it.

The Shure Motiv MV88 is a good and flexible mid/side plug-in microphone I have used and can recommend. Ryoichi Sakamoto used it for sampling sounds for his 2017 album "async".


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@borjamyet another reason why I think the mma-a got squeezed out. You pay about as much as a mixpre3, and if you get the 3ii there’s 32-bit, noise assist, recording, backup, routing etc…


i will say this, it’s very tiny. About the size of 3-4 poker chips in a stack. It can drive their little mics, and you could handle everything on a pole. That and genuinely good AD converters. 

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