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Halter Technical unveils Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System at NAB Show 2022

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The world’s smallest rechargeable bluetooth earbud is paired with the ultimate transceiver to create a revolution in incognito listening


LOS ANGELES, CA, APRIL 19, 2022… Halter Technical, the Los Angeles-based creator of headphones and headsets built for the broadcast and video production industry, has today announced the all-new Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System. The system represents a monumental shift in incognito listening, affording users flexibility and control never before seen in miniature wireless in-ear monitoring. The company will showcase Microsone in Booth C6820 at the 2022 NAB Show (April 23-27 in Las Vegas).


It all starts with the Microsone, the smallest rechargeable bluetooth earbud ever made. Designed for discreet listening, Microsone is designed as one singular, solid earpiece with no dials, buttons, lights, external antennas or anything sticking out of it. It has an internal rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for disposable, unreliable hearing aid batteries. With the included charging case and its OLED display, users will have reliable battery read outs for each Microsone. Each Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System comes complete with two Microsone earbuds, and is available in both light and dark skin tones.


To harness the power of the Microsone, is the Microsone Control Pack. The ultimate transceiver, the Control Pack is capable of receiving the analog audio signal and retransmitting the signal via bluetooth to the Microsone. It is compatible with all analog audio transmitters, regardless of brand, eliminating the need for expensive, proprietary solutions. It grants the user unprecedented remote control of their Microsone, including volume control. The Control Pack is powered by two AA batteries, which can even be recharged internally using the USB type C port. The color OLED display indicates all necessary information to work and troubleshoot on the fly in the field, where time is of the essence. It also includes a top-seated headphone jack for wired IFB use.


Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System will be sold complete with two Microsones, the Charging Case, Microsone Control Pack, and a USB wall charger and cable for $1200 retail price in Q4, 2022. It is being launched with an Indiegogo pre-order campaign beginning on May 24th, 2022. Early buyers will have the opportunity to purchase the System for as low as $800 each. Purchasing information can be found on both Indiegogo and Halter Technical’s own website.


“The introduction of the Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System is truly a special moment for both us and our customers – it is the fruit of years of research and development, and is the culmination of our experience on set without a compelling solution for imperceptible in-ear monitoring. Being able to offer Pros an unrivaled set of features and compatibility at this price was a goal of ours from the outset, and is a huge win for the entire industry” said Doc Justice, CEO of Halter Technical.

Indiegogo Information: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/microsone-discreet-audio-monitoring-system--2/coming_soon/x/22657560


About Halter Technical:
Located in Los Angeles, CA, Halter Technical is the creator of professional audio monitoring solutions for the world’s broadcast, film, and video production markets. Halter Technical was founded by Doc Justice, CAS, a veteran IATSE Production Sound Mixer and Audio Supervisor. For more information, please visit https://www.haltertechnical.com

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That looks great, well done! 

Here the first set of questions 😉

1) what Bluetooth version is used? 5?

2) can the microsone be paired with any other playing devices other that the control pack?

3) what is the distance  range between the control pack and the microsone?

4) Do you have a list of tested compatible TX devices for the control pack somewhere?

Thanks and have a good time at NaB.


PS: thanks for the 2 colors availability ! I will definitely get both.

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This looks awesome. 

A couple more questions please. 

Once the frequency on the control pack has been set along with other settings, can it then be locked so the wearer cannot inadvertently bump it off frequency? The only function they would be allowed to have would be volume, correct? 

Is there any typical delay with the Bluetooth? 

Any plans to expand the frequency range of the control pack to say…mid 600’s? 

Do you  have some pics of the unit in the ear from various angles please? 

Congratulations, this is very promising. 



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Thanks for the questions. Some details are still fluid as we finalize the initial firmware, so make sure to sign up on the Indiegogo Prelaunch page to stay up to date on the newest information.


Microsone DAMS used Bluetooth 5.0 and the AptX codec for the lowest latency in the smallest package possible.


Since both Microsone and Control Pack use Bluetooth, they can each be paired with other a Bluetooth devices, making for some pretty incredible solutions. For example, the Microsone could be paired to a talent’s cell phone, extensibly giving “unlimited” IFB range for use in car-to-car shots, or for field news reporters. Control Pack, as another example, could be used as a Director’s IFB so they can use their own Bluetooth headphones. I’ll be happy to see how creative the solutions can get. 

The distance Control Pack to Microsone is likely 10-20ft. Meaning you could just place Control Pack near the talent if you didn’t want them to have it on themselves.


There is no official list of compatible transmitters just yet, but that’s a good suggestion to have. I can tell you now that it works with all of the major brands that I’ve tested, including Lectrosonics (Mode 6 works great), Sennheiser G3, Wisycom, and Comtek.


In the current firmware, the display times out after 60 seconds. I’ll have videos detailing how to change and store frequencies. It’s a very simple and unique system that users are going to love.


For now, Control Pack works with US legal frequencies. We will definitely expand it for other countries’ use in the future, but there is no current timeline for it.


On our website, there is a downloadable brochure with a list of specs and other info you might find interesting. And of course, it’s all being updated ahead of the May 24th preorder date so that you have plenty of time to make your purchase decisions.




I’m glad the excitement is brewing over Microsone, because I’m so incredibly excited for it myself. The whole system was developed to solve a lot of the issues we’ve had on set for years (starting with getting rid of those unreliable air-activated hearing aid batteries). And at the price we’re able to launch it with, Sound Pros who never before thought they could offer discreet audio now have a chance to add it to their kit and have it pay itself off in under two weeks of work!


As I said before, make sure to sign up on the Indiegogo Prelaunch page to stay up to date. You can see, there is a LOT to talk about!

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Good ideas!  So I can transmit TO the Control Pack with any of many diff existing TX, and the Control Pack then re-transmits the signal to the earpiece?   That's a good way around the limitations of BT range on the set.  Hiding both a mic TX and the control pack might be a bit of a challenge with some wardrobe, but being wireless the CP could be in a purse or bag or coat pocket or on an ankle etc (or even on an extra standing nearby) I guess.  I have to say that I think a shot in which the camera sees the side of a short-haired actor's head with the earpiece in that ear will probably result in some VFX fixes, but it's possible they'd be doing those anyhow.  The 2-earpiece charger thing is very cool.  Well done.

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This is a pretty awesome new product announcement! 


Had thought there was a sizeable gap in the market after Phonak Invisity was discontinued (as the Phonak Roger is priced rather higher, and has a different set of pro/cons), looks like the Halter Technical Microsone might be a "better" replacement for the Phonak Invisity for some people than Phonak's own Roger system. 

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On 4/24/2022 at 4:42 PM, Peter Mega said:

How many discreet channels can be used at the same time? 

Theoretically, you’re only limited in channels to the number of transmitters and clean frequencies you have available.


The Control Pack is an IFB transceiver. If you’ve got 4 transmitters sending 4 different feeds, you could have 4 Microsone systems in play all set to receive each of those four transmitters.


In fact, you could store and program all 4 of those frequencies on each Control Pack since it can store channel banks with 8 channels each. Talent could flip between channels if necessary to hear those different feeds as well. Lots of options here. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

I might have of missed it, but what happens when the battery in the earpiece needs replacing after several years? Do I send it back to manufacturer or will I just buy a replacement earpiece?

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16 hours ago, Doc Justice said:

I think you’ll find a lot of the answers to your questions in this live stream I did with Allen Williams.


Preorders begin on Tuesday.



Thank you. I think I got the answer I was looking for around the 20min mark (if anyone else is wondering)

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I noticed there has been a sale on Phonak Roger systems ever since the Microsone was announced....  someone is feeling threatened? Definitely harder to justify the full cost of a Phonak Roger now there is an alternative on the market. 

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  • 4 weeks later...
Tomorrow is the last day to order Microsone through our Indiegogo campaign. Delivery for these orders is expected in Q4 of this year, and retail stores will not receive stock until after all of these orders have been fulfilled. So not only is tomorrow the last chance to receive a big discount on it, but tomorrow is the last chance to order at all. The sale ends at 11:59pm PDT on Thursday, June 23rd.
As a reminder, the more systems you order, the bigger the available discount is. For example, if you order the Production Special, you'll get 5 systems and bring the price all the way down from $1200 to $850 each. With productions paying $90/day to rent an earwig system, Microsone would pay for itself in less than 10 days of work.
Early Innovator Special  - 1 System SOLD OUT
Microsone Special - 1 System - $1,000 ($1,000 each)
Early Innovator Double Special - 2 Systems SOLD OUT
Microsone Double Special - 2 Systems - $1,800 ($900 each)
Microsone Production Special - 5 Systems - $4,250 ($850 each)
Early Innovator Distribution Pack - 10 Systems - $8,000 ($800 each)
You can always reach out to me directly at doc@haltertechnical.com if you have any questions, concerns, criticisms, or feedback. I can't wait to get Microsone in your hands! Thank you!
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