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A History of SQN

al mcguire

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I have been talking to Joseph Parys from SQN about a somewhat problematic SQN-3C (bought from Richmond Film Services), and it has been fascinating trying to piece together the documentation for the SQN-3C. He is working on trying to complete an archive with all the technical documentation for their products, and when I got the info on the SQN-3C, it was like opening an ancient treasure trove: Hand drawn schematics, hand written notes about the SN plug box scribbled on yellowed paper and still with missing pieces of information. I think that mine is working now, but I am actually afraid to test it with a Nagra SN mounted. And it has been a really interesting tour round some classic designs...


I have most of the types, and they are extremely well built and with a high sound quality. And every bit as well designed and rugged as the Nagras,

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20 hours ago, Jeff Wexler said:

Fascinating  --  I love this history (had no knowledge of the early SQN or the connection to the Nagra SN). The model I was familiar with and used a few times (never owned one) was the model C pictured below.

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 11.36.52 AM.png

I used 1 of these on a job once, it was very cute and changing reels worked with the 10' daylight reels/magazines of the XTR. 

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THANK YOU for posting this… I began my freelance career with an SQN 4S in 1990, with a total of 4 mixers over the years.  Their preamps were outstanding, they offered options of PPM Metering, and were really durable.

But I had NO IDEA that the Genesis of the brand was an attachment for an SNN…

Since I haved had an SNN for 25 years, I now need to find one of these SQN-1s !!   

Sine Qua Non, Latin for indispensable

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