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    Production Sound Mixer since 1978, based in Atlanta since 1982. National Emmy 1988, ational Emmy Nomination 2021. We Also provide Digital Video Assist and Teleprompting Services with an available staff
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  1. THANK YOU for posting this… I began my freelance career with an SQN 4S in 1990, with a total of 4 mixers over the years. Their preamps were outstanding, they offered options of PPM Metering, and were really durable. But I had NO IDEA that the Genesis of the brand was an attachment for an SNN… Since I haved had an SNN for 25 years, I now need to find one of these SQN-1s !! Sine Qua Non, Latin for indispensable
  2. Has anyone experienced unusual characters in metadata on Deva 16 tracks ? (or Deva 4 / 5 / 5.8 for that matter) Though everything sounds fine, I see some unusual characters pop up on random channels of my csv file, which apparently exist within the track-metadata as well. Question marks and Cents sign for starters.... Never experienced such a thing before. Configuration = Deva 16 with Legacy Pro 120gb SSD and Mix 12 attached. Metadata entered soley via Deva 16 touch-screen "keyboard". MF / Atlanta
  3. I'll check that out... There is a very busy DIT here that built a cart out of plywood and coated it with Rhino Seal or Rhino Coat -- I think that's what it is called. It is used, normally, for pickup truck beds! The cart is four years old, and is a customized, rock solid fortress. MF
  4. We, as a team, find the offending noises. We then bring these to the attention of the AD Dept, and - especially if ignored - sometimes to the on-set producer. I go in this direction as often some degree of authority is needed to clean up the problems expeditiously, as they are often inaudible until we actually are rolling. It is very difficult these day to get the set quiet enough to ferret out the problems, as lately "Take One" has evolved into the "New Rehearsal". MF
  5. Yes, please do... they don't seem to be visible here either! MF
  6. Very Very nice, and that handle design is really robust - I think you'll appreciate that more than anything as you navigate this over tricky turf. This has me thinking about a "handle change" on my own stuff.... Congrats on the new build! MF Mike, I have a couple of aluminum drawers in the silver finish, and have been looking for more. Starcase seems to have stopped making them. Where did you source these? I'm looking for a 3 RU with slam latch. MF
  7. FWIW, even the little parts drawers that you see at most Ace Hardware are often lacking these tiny wrenches. I replaced all of those with tiny set screws, enabling a tweaker or jeweler's screwdriver to work just fine. MF
  8. (No, not the name of my new power-trio....... ) I worked in a nice, new, modest-sized studio space here in Atlanta - the box, with a nice well-placed cyc, was behind multiple walls, and they spent some money ('cause that's what it takes!) putting a reasonable amount of sound insulation in various places. It sounded rather nice. However, 'tis the season of daily showers - usually brief, but often poorly timed. So... we were shut down for 15-20 as the rain hit the flat roof. During the hiatu$$ I was chatting with the new owner, and told him this is not uncommon in some of the rooms around here..... "BUT, if you want a competitive and marketable edge - lay a healthy cover of hogs hair on the roof. And tell your clients it's there." I only have short-term experience with the miracle carpet, and perhaps somebody here will have an answer to the question - What is the life-expectancy of an investment in full-roof coverage of a flat roof with a couple of layers of hogs hair? This roof has no trees around, thus branches / leaves not an issue. It DOES have full exposure to the sun throughout the day, and all of the heat and UV that goes along with it. (I will also cross-post on FB) Thanks for any info / advice / experiences.... MF
  9. I am a big fan of wood.... I have a friend who is commissioned to complete a similar cabinet for me, as soon as he gets "less busy". We plan to use this stuff he's found - Phenolic coated plywood. It is a plastic coated product. Of course seams and joints will need treatment, but it's a start in the fight against humidity - which is a big thing in these here parts. LOVE the cabinet and the cart - especiall the handle... great design MF
  10. Sorry to hear this.... condolences to all.... MF
  11. Four to Six podium mics for a single speaker does seem to hold a certain common denominator.... BTW, I saw that execution in a very very good doc (Netflix) about the Romanian dictator, his wife, their bizarre period of rule... and their demise. MF
  12. "Growing numbers of members only serves to perpetuate the existence of the union, it doesn't serve the membership. " Very well put, Robert. FWIW, here in Atlanta we have been officially advised to take non-union work. Then we report in, and decisions are made to go after / flip the job or not. If flipped, the labor rates can get fixed and benefits restored. Equipment rates CANNOT.... Thus, if you elect to take an approach to a non-union film, get your package rate up to your tolerance level from the start. MF
  13. What attention to detail - SONUS CLARUS, Andy ! MF
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