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  1. Lachlancampbell

    NeverClip - real life experience with transmitters

    I use my Zax transmitters to record cars all the time. I'll have mics nice and close to the exhausts of some big V8s and they never have an issue.
  2. Lachlancampbell

    Taping mics to chest

    "High Profile" actors are the easiest to deal with. They know the drill and know you're there to get the best result (which makes them sound great). I was taping a mic to a Hollywood actor and made a joke that he had a hairier chest than I expected. Straight away he asked if I wanted him to shave a spot for the mic.
  3. Lachlancampbell

    More frequencies going!

    Just read this on Gotham's site. Looks like everything above 608MHz is going to be off limits in the US. Wonder how long the rest of the world will take to follow. https://www.gothamsound.com/news/rf-spectrum-april-2017-update
  4. Lachlancampbell

    Question about body mic pack mounting

    Use headsets if you can - totally acceptable in theatre. Other option as already discussed is through the hair/wigs on the forehead. Headsets will save you heaps on time for mounting them (don't have to weave them into hair/wigs), plus you'll get more gain out of the mic as it'll be right up next to the mouth. Packs on elastic/Neo/Ursa straps (or bra straps).
  5. Lachlancampbell

    Soundbreaking: PBS TV Series on Recording Music

    Great Sir George story there. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Lachlancampbell

    Zaxcom Nomad 10 Package for Sale

    It's all good! I'm pretty sure we've all lost something that's in front of us (I know I have).
  7. Lachlancampbell

    Zaxcom Nomad 10 Package for Sale

    Hey, after a Nomad 10 or 12, 2x Wireless TX with suitable RX and a couple of ERX TC packs as a start. I'm on Sound Devices with Sennheiser 2000 RX at the moment, so its pretty much starting the kit from scratch again.
  8. Lachlancampbell

    Zaxcom Nomad 10 Package for Sale

    Yep, sure am.
  9. Lachlancampbell

    Waves Broadcast and Production

    Yeah, good point. They've made the tools very accessible.
  10. Lachlancampbell


    So, as soon as the drone comes out, my kit goes away. I normally end up being the spotter - "watch out for that ........."
  11. Lachlancampbell

    What Kit Would You Buy If You Started Again And Had £3,000?

    Go for top end, second hand gear. Get in groups like this and Facebook and purchase people's kit as they upgrade. Not only do you get more value for money, you'll make good contacts with other people in the industry.
  12. Lachlancampbell

    Waves Broadcast and Production

    For audio restoration, there's nothing as good as RX. But I love my Waves Renaissance EQ and Comps.
  13. Lachlancampbell

    Zaxcom Nomad 10 Package for Sale

    So what would a fair price for a second hand kit like this be?