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  1. I had this same issue, a couple of times, and it turned out it was the focus puller system (I guess it was a CineTape that time).
  2. vale


    So, what if we want to use stereo transmitters for the on-board receivers? (In that case, we could need more than 4 inputs just for that 2 receivers modules. So are still they internally cabled someway?)
  3. vale

    Deva 24

    Hi Glenn, what could be also useful imho is that: when we use the rotating menu knob to change the trim value in the input page (or even other functions that need to insert a numeric value) then when we push the knob to confirm that value. But now, when we push the knob, it opens an other page where we should enter the value and then confirm. So it takes longer. At the end, I simply think that if we push the knob it has to act like an "enter" button and confirm the value we've selected rotating; if we want to open the window to insert a value manually, maybe we should use the touch screen
  4. It's possible that I am not writing well what I mean (my english is not too good). My MIX track peaks, at its higher, even at -3dBFS or rarely even at 0dBFS - I use a limiter only on my mix track. For the same reasons you described (editorial doesn't like to boost). So, my iso tracks are around 12dB lower. I.e. when the dialogue editor showed the session to me, he said he needed to rise up the gain 12dB to get what he consider the proper level. And he needed to gain up 12dB just on the quieter dialogues, but for normal dialogue he went just 5-6dB up, for screams sometimes the
  5. Editor and his assistant are happy with my levels (they're editing the show just using my MIX track). The problem came out on the dialogue editing side whe they start working with the iso tracks.
  6. vale

    Deva 24

    If you mean the Autotrim function in the Nomad, at the moment the Deva24 does't have it.
  7. Indeed. I'm confident my gain structure is correct. In my case, they needed to rise up the gain of my iso tracks up to 12dB maximum (that is my max fader excursion on the channel strip to the Mix track), on the lower speech and just 5-6dB on normal dialog. They're happy with the Mix track level, that is actually taking all the dynamic scale up to 0dB. So I guess they simply don't want to rise up the gain on the tracks but having them already at the desired level.
  8. Hi all. I recently had a long discussion with the Post-Production Sound team for a Netflix series I mixed on set. They complained that my recording levels were too low. Just to introduce you to our situation here in Italy, I have to say that - it may seem strange to you - it's not common to work with iso tracks pre-fader and mix track post-fader. The most part of sound mixers (?) like to work acting on the faders for the iso tracks and let the machine do the mix (it could be a blind sum of all the tracks or using an automix feature). I don't know why but everything almost
  9. vale

    Deva 24

    That's absolutely true, I can confirm. I used my DEVA/MIX16 combo on a 20 weeks Netflix series and a 8 weeks film shooting without any major issues, but with an overall better quality vs my old Fusion setup.
  10. vale

    Deva 24

    Working with a DEVA24-MIX16 setup since March. Many things and bugs were solved during these months and some features added, sometimes also listening to the users feedback. I'm enjoying the machine a lot. Anyway, it is still in development: very recently they started to install the Zaxnet antenna board and updated the firmware to have full RX12 compatibility on the Deva screen; at the moment it seems to me there's not any news about ipad implementation; Iso Attenuation (Neverclip) on iso and mix tracks is still not working and so is Mix Assist. And yes, most of the feedback
  11. Exactly. The side part, the one where I mounted all the rack things is 495mm, the rack is screwed directly into the profiles, so I don't have to add the rack strips width. The width in the direction of moving is just 42cm and I'm able to go through almost every door. Below two pictures of both that narrower sides.
  12. 30x30mm in my case for the main frame. Then I also used some 20x20mm for the internal frames of the upper part (if you zoom in the pictures, you can see they're smaller).
  13. I also recently build my second cart (the first one with aluminum frames, divided in two parts for an easy transport) buying pieces from Motedis. Here some pictures. For the wheels, I've bought from eBay a "bike follow cart" that has a couple of 16" wheels. Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Valentino.
  14. Hi Mattia, I've used my Fusion 12 for almost 10 years without any significant issues. Touch screen was never a problem in my experience and indeed I prefer it over Maxx/Nomad pots and buttons. Fusion is a wonderful machine, imho.
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