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  1. me too, tentacle units has proven their reliability countless times.
  2. thanks. but that's not what I asked. What I asked is if there is any plans in the future to use the remote features without a duo RX.
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer. It looks very promising indeed. I'm almost sold to the idea. Almost. I can see those units replacing my good ol' trusty sennheiser g3's as camera hops and thus free some frequencies in the 500 mhz spectrum, . (and move on to a very crowded 2.4 ghz spectrum... But the "auto switch" channel feature looks nice, must see on real work conditions with teradeks and other devices spraying RF on this particular spectrum) Another question is about the control of those devices wirelessly : If I understood correctly, you can only trigger "rec" button wirelessly (what about power management , put to sleep, boot on ?) via the connect duo RX... Any hints about a future app or remote feature that would not need a duo RX ? I have to say that I respect the innovation and affordability of your products. Really cool for those who are starting out and want to build a kit.
  4. Promising... very cool features for sure. would be cool paired with my sonosax M2D2 mic preamp for instance. I'm almost about to pull the trigger on a timecode kit set... ...I just want some "honest reviews" before going with it. Some people talked about The Signal / Noise ratio on the older connect system... (wich has been fixed with a FW update IIRC) The other concern is about the latency. I wanna be sure it's a consistent 19 ms , but I had some chat with another PSM who told me that it was not consistent, making the use as a camera hop a bit complicated. something with the digital transmission protocol used. Would love to know more about that issue before buying. Those are concerns That I only heard, so be cautious with these rumors and do not take it as a fact.
  5. i have one... not the most used part of my equipment i must admit
  6. as an early adopter (model number less than 300), I'm a bit sad to read that this mod cannot be installed on my device... But nonetheless, one of my favorite piece of equipment i ever had ! a real Couteau suisse (=swiss knife) !
  7. thanks for the input. looking forward to check these things. take your time. i prefer a good product that took more time than expected to be released than something that have been released in a rush ( aka cyberpunk2077 syndrom )
  8. waiting for my viviana cloud device so hard. ( I know, it's coming mid april) but this will help me so much in my derushing workflow. really cool !
  9. ordered a bunch of the ones in the second link. They are doing fine since almost 3 years. also, have a look at those
  10. Is there anyway you can record it ? Genuinely curious. never heard of the "schoeps fart" and I would like to extend my knowledge with this fun fact. thanks
  11. nah. This rode wireless go II looks rubbish if you ask me. the ability to record 2 channels via usb with timecode and transmit it to a camera hop is pretty slick. Not sure if we can get audio signal via USB, record, and output an rf signal all in the same time. but would be great.
  12. Any news on the release ? I was contemplating tentacle track E but these little fellas would be perfect paired with my m2d2 (among other uses)
  13. hey, no filtering. Never had issues personally
  14. OK, I' ll give my experiences, it's not Neumann microphones related (although Neumann was acquired by Sennheiser, so...) I'm not very happy with digital Microphones. I tried, paid a bunch, got frustrated. Never tried again and am happy with the good old analog signal. Several years before I bought the Sennheiser MZD for 8000 https://en-us.sennheiser.com/mzd-8000 series Module that converts the analog signal to an AES signal, and tried using it on my sd 633 AES input. I Wanted to have more flexibility (like pads or low cut filters setup via DSP) and less noise floor, and use a digital mic,seems cool, theorically. It's supposed to be the future of audio, right ? For me it seemed uber cool. After One or 2 shots, I went back to my analog preamp. I just heard a random, very subtle, but sometimes present, hiss. Went tru a lot of tests to sort out the problem, never had the solution until now. Got the file on a spectrum analyser, did lots of analysis of this signal before put the module on the closet and forget about this very expensive compulsive buy that does not fit my expectations. Among others things : - I Used a "true" AES cable (this is not cheap and I felt kinda forced to buy it just to try if the signal was better but this "true AES pure 110 ohm cable"... Humpf... Did not fix the hiss). But now I got an expensive neutrik AES cable, nice. I could use it as a premium XLR cable. - I asked Sound Devices & Sennheiser support and I got some leads. I was wondering about the samplerates who might mess up the signal but the 633 has a Sample Rate Converter built in, so I wouldn't worry so much... Sennheiser on the other hand told me that, hold on, the sample rate as factory preset in their module is.... 44100 ...yup... So I always thought maybe this little high frequency hiss might come from an upconversion from the SRC, due to (I'm guessing) some interpolations samples created, But I'm not expert. I asked Sennheiser What Could I do to match the module and recorder sample rates and avoid an extra work from my trusty 633 who does allready a lot, hoping that they would tell me that they'll fix this for me, as I paid top dollar for an MKH plus this module... ...Their answer was "we don't have this line of products in mind and are not really keen to develop full support for the MKH series" (duh) "so what you could try, is to buy an neumann DMI interface and change the samplerate yourself via the DSP and enjoy the full experience with this wonderful items"... If you ask me, it's just too vague. I will not put more money to "try" just change a setting and pray that it fixes the problem. Well. At this point I just put this module on the useless sound stuff shelf on my closet. And tried to reach someone who might have this neumann DMI interface just to change the samplerate, but it is not a very common product. So yeah here it is. I hoped when I bought that digital module also that sennheiser would developp an MKH8030 so I could pair the MZD module to a figure 8 and my 8060 and have a really nice digital MS rig but seems compromised also. Sorry for the long text, and the poor english. in analog we trust
  15. Would like to know if anyone here got hands on this CMS 50... Please tell us.
  16. Really happy for bag work with my BSRF AS 62 splitter Very tiny footprint. Excellent handmade artisanal stuff. I fell very confident with it. If you got questions about it I'll be happy to answer
  17. Really interesed by the b9 especially the figure 8, but never heard other things than the samples provided by the website. Specs look very good on the paper
  18. Dan, Thanks to you, I ordered this cart and a quick set shelf from Rock-N-Roller, all provided by Thomann, just received today and starting building my cart. The pieces are compatibles, not designed to be but it feels sturdy enough. Thanks
  19. The pearl MSH10 seems really good and got very nice comments.... But I'm always afraid of RF and moisture problems, I'm paranoid since I got unusable signal with my schoeps on a scene with shower... So when I got my MKH8060 (just after this nightmare shooting), all these problems and stress disappeared. Sanken told that they worked to be RF immune and moisture resistant... what about the MSH10 ? anyone can relate ? I do work in sometimes quite hard conditions for the gear (understand : documentary guerilla style) that's why I always hoped an MKH 8030... wich seems not planned at all. Very disappointing.
  20. hit me up if you need a sound guy, gear or fixing advices in the swiss area. Happy to help and provide. Geneva zone and further. (also if you are on vacancies in the region, hot me up if you wanna meet : Let's have a cold or hot beverage and discuss audio stuff or philosophy or weather or where to go for visiting Switzerland)
  21. I have the AT bp 4027.... And I don't personally like it. Those electret capsules are a bit too noisy for my schoeps and MKH formated ears... And it's not very sharp in therms of middle bass reproduction if you ask me. Actually It's one of my dust collecting mic that I never have the chance to put in action. Thanks for the input. There are the polar pattern dispayed in there, so there is the answer to my first question. The mid is a cardiod, I would have prefered an hyper....
  22. https://www.sankenmicrophones.com/news/cms-50 Mid side all in one very short body. Really interesting. Waited for too much time an MKH8030 capsule. Now I'm thinking getting one of these, or the pearl audio one... Just wondering about the directivity of the mid capsule, some sites say shotgun, other write cardio... Wait and see. sanken site says 1795 $ , june 2019
  23. thanks so much for that accurate, fast, and helpful answer. Ok So I won't buy this transmitter then. too bad 350 $ is really a good deal.
  24. Hi, Digging up. I'm searching more informations about that system and found this old topic. So 3 years later, new post. Hope I'll get some more details here. This is a very obscure product with not so much infos available... And sony is not very helpfull. Specs & fonctionalites seem great, and it seems also really intended for professional camera work, obviously. Still I'm curious on how to add this kind of system in my bag. Because why the hell not... Actually, I found an used Sony DWT tansmitter for sale at a very decent price. Dealer is serious. Frequencies are still ok for us (in Europe 600 mhz + : can still be used in my country for some time )... ,,,But no receiver available. And the Sony receivers for sale are just too big and not designed for bag work. And pricey. No information about a compatibilty with UWP receivers wich I already own in these blocks as well... And they deliver anaolog mic level output at -40 Dbu, so I wont put some crazy money for something that do not suit my needs at all) So my main concern is compatibility with other brands receivers. I wonder if they are compatible with Wysicom MCR42 or MPR 52's for example ? Is it fully digital tranmission (if yes then we are stuck with sony) or do they get analog transmission mode as welll ? , Because I'm very interested into getting some of those wideband and very flexible receivers from my italian friends at wysi. Sent an e mail no answers yet. I Know they got different modes that you can select and I assume it changes the companding/expanding behavior, but not really certain about it. Anyone has something to get me out of the dark ? Thanks a lot
  25. the cosi product seem really nice. as always with cinela And that's really interesting to know that sennheiser can send modified modules to suit our needs... So they are listening to the customers... ... Knowing that fact, could we push sennheiser to finaly make that 8030 capsule that I personally dream of since many years ? And I know I'm not the only one around here) By the way, No mid side options planned for the future of cosi products ? would be great.
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