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  1. Fun day on the river in Philadelphia.
  2. are you using the ones with the base? or plugging directly into your recorder? photos?
  3. any updates or fixes here on this issue? thx!
  4. are there any issues jamming in general? i am working with this camera for the first time this coming week. Thank you.
  5. first instincts in this situation is to pass. mall the reasons meantiones by others. Second, not sure how they get away with one man department on a union show with that kind of workflow and amount of wires/booming, etc. i would not do it as a one man department. Ever. Too insane.
  6. really cool! I enjoyed that very much, thanks for sharing!
  7. Here is a link to a documentary I worked on a couple years ago that I thought y'all might enjoy. A Tribute to Chet Atkins/60th Anniversary of Gretsch Guitars.
  8. Thank you for the reply Larry! Anyone know what version of FireFox works? I've followed the instructions on the Lectro site with no success. I tried with an older version of Firefox And the latest release. It just keeps wanting in install Silverlight for some reason. So I never get to Wireless Designer.
  9. What are other MAC users experiences here? I have not been able to download Wireless Designer nor get Silverlight to work. The Wireless Designer link just keeps wanting to install Silverlight. Using latest ver. of Firefox, as recommended.
  10. how do they compare to the URSA straps; comfort, durability, etc?
  11. I also sold quickly when I heard about the coming changes. So I got some decent prices for my gear; four 411/um combos in 24/26 and some extra transmitters in 24. I did reblock one um trans and kept it for an IFB feed. I would say now its probably hit or miss with selling vs. re-blocking since the cost has gone up significantly for that service. Everything I own now is in A1(470-20) and 21. Good luck!
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