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  1. The CL-9 features on an iPad app. Or at least the faders.
  2. What mics do you intend to use with the LTH's? I heard that just a few models are advised.
  3. Hi! What's your IFB workflow when working on a fetature film? Do you have a receiver feeding the video village and another transmitter for the audio out so the director and script could hear the playback as well as the live feed? Thanks!
  4. Hi! Is there any difference in audio quality between the QRX in dual mode and RX900M?
  5. Hi Ken! "If you get the IFB option in your MicPlexer, it seems to me that you might not need the IFB100" I cannot figure out what is this option.
  6. Hi Jan! Thanks for your answer! Doing a bit of research, I came with this setup: - 2 QRX in dual mode for the 4 lav transmitters - 1 QRX or RX in single mode for the boom - Mic Plexer + Zax Paq - IFB 100 Do you think this could be a good starter Zaxcom package or the dual mode isn't that reliable? I wouldn't go for the 4900 because it restricts me to cart use, and in case it breaks, I would have my entire rig rendered futile. Also, it isn't very clear to me if the Mic Plexer is intended to be used with shark fin/ dipole antennae.
  7. Hi! I intend to buy new wireless systems. I do mostly film work and use a cart. Reading this thread got me very much inclined towards Zaxcom. If so, what configuration would you advise for 1 boom and 4 lavs? Thanks!
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