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  1. Thank you Larry i gonna try it out.
  2. Hi all great ideas. But hiw do you know if it fits the 50 ohm Wave resitence? Or is it not important for the Antena? @mark kirchner nice caps at the sma connector.
  3. Jeff is right with item but they offer in a 30x30mm Profile only a 6mm opening Profile, the 80/20 i think has a 8mm one. And in the normal version it's quite heavy. And there are not so much assecceries like the Profile 8 versions. I ordered some stuff from alcom international. Very good company too and offers a 30x30 profile with a 8 mm Profile nut http://www.alcom-international.de/produkte.html
  4. Wow didn'f ment to kick off such a discussion. Acthally i don'g run a back up recorder either. The 688 is a kind of back up. I still record boom also as an iso and do a boom mix and lav mix. And if xou run a stereo set the sonosax is full. And i'm still not used to low lebel isos. So i thought i need that 8 tracks and the two mixtracks on the recorder. I love the combination of the 788t and thd sonosax a lot. But i think the real sence or philosophy of the sonosax SX ST 8 D is that you don'g runan external recorder. I did one project like this cause there werdb't so many actors talking. So i could deal with it just in the mixer. About the 688. if you used to a 788t you can see that the 688 is a mixer with that nice function to record alk the tracks. If you want to edit metadata it's not so confi like it is on the 788. and Menu structure digital inputs etc. i hope they do a new 7 series recorder with ten to twelve inputs. I even told sonosax i looking forward fof an upgrade to the mixer recorder to a ten track recorder. Exited. I really love that board. Greetings chris My 788t was frozen a couple of time too. Even it made a really bad noize. But it was no problem to say sorry cut. Technical issue. And i think that some people don'g press record. To me it happened once. I counted on thd pre roll and just hit thd button on thd slate mark. But already in the situation and scene i didn't press hard enough to start record but i touched ghe rec button. Blame on me. But it is already in our blood to press that button so it'actually in our Subconscious. So your finger goes there and touch it but just not strong enough.
  5. I'm sort that i just read your comment's. I didn't get any messages from the forum somebody replaid. And i don't log in every time i go on the site. Sorry for that. Thank you very much for your input. I got the icing panel with the integrated recorder. And i didn't get an cantor a shame i know. But i run a 688 on the cart and i don't like it much. Maybe i go like you Joshua with two 788t or the new sonosax R4+. Greetings chris
  6. very great work! looks perfect.
  7. Chris

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    This is what i told them too
  8. This looks fantastic. I'm still looking for the epoxid but i can't find it. And what form do you use for the caps? I'm looking for a long time for the right epoxid but here i don't get it. could you tell the name of it. The secruity for the cabel looks really good. I like the best. And which nice colored cabel are you using? Would be great to hear from you.
  9. Hello I'm looking forward to get a Sonsax Mixing panell. Now i thinking about a Recorder Back Up Or if the metadata workflow with the Sonosax is difficult and not that easy like with the two mentioned recorders. I'm thinking to get a Canatr X2 but how can i just press one Recordbutton if i work with Free run Time code. So i want that these both mashines start at the same time but just with one trigger. One Slave and Master. Normaly we work with free run Time code to sync Camera and Sound. I didn't found anything in the web. Of course i could get two Cantars ors two 788. I know. I thought the cantar as main recorder would work very nice with the Sonosax Pre amps. But again missng two Tracks. If you have a full mixing desk with eight channels. Happy to hear your oppinions. Greetings Chris
  10. I think about that VR Field System too. So you carry it in a bag. I have to do some bag jobs too. How is it to habdel in the bag and around the shoulder jobs?
  11. Hi David thank you for sending me the link. I have a idea for that cart. It should be possible to put the recorder with direct attached controller like the 788t with CL- 8 in a degree position. hmm so you mix confutable and se your meters. Like the natural position. That the sub shelf can be removed is great. Ah shelfs in different depth would be cool, too. I'm going to post some drawings soon. Cheers Chris
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