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  1. I've got 9 of those that were bought a few years back for a panel discussion with a live PA... they haven't seen a whole lot of use since as I mostly use Trams. But come next basketball season, they may get trotted out for just this application... Ken
  2. Working on a three-day shoot with a C300 and 5D. Camera Dept. literally took it out of the box and started using it so no time for a workflow test. Jamming the C300 from Nomad at 23.98, cam has a Rode NTG-2 on it for scratch. C300 looks to have a slight drift ahead over time so I've just been jamming it each setup change. At least that is a painless procedure.
  3. http://magazine.creativecow.net/article/claudio-miranda-asc-makes-new-rules-for-shooting-life-of-pi
  4. Once they're all the way in, they're in for good... count me as one who soldered all my pins before inserting them... well most of them. I found that it was easier to solder the common grounds with the pin partially inserted after inserting all of the other pins. After doing 10+ Neutricons you figure a few ways to make things go easier...
  5. Great work. I went down this road myself, used the 3-pair Remote Audio CA3PS26 cable. Made 2 2X-TA5F ends for Nomad, 2 2X XLR-3M/XLR-5F for DVCPRO cameras, a 2X TA3M/TA5M for RED ONE, and 2 15" and 2 25" extensions. Additionally I made a 2X XLR-3F/XLR-3M whioch allows me to use the cables in-studio for two mic channels and a Clear-Com IFB return. Eventually I'd like to build a small snake box with 2 XLR-3F for mics and 2X XLR-3M for IFB with a chassis-mount Neutricon to connect to the other cables. Below is one of my DVCPRO ends, the geek got the best of me and I eventually changed the silver XLR-3M's for black with the appropriately colored boots. And the colored Neutricon boots are part number BSP-0, I grabbed the image below from Mouser.
  6. Here's the preliminary report from the NTSB... having been an aviation geek since a kid, have always been interested in the investigation of aviation incidents. This report mentions preflight removal of "frost" from the rotors and windshield... sorry that you lost a good friend.
  7. Seconded... love it when the special features are as interesting(and sometimes moreso) as the movie itself! Congratulations!
  8. The NTSB report dated February 22 revealed that “dark night visual meteorological conditions prevailed” at the time of the accident. A GoPro camera and LED light panel had been set up on the aircraft’s windshield... This does not sound like a good combination at all...
  9. I have a lot of Trams, and they are wired for specific purposes. Three are 3-pin Lemo for my Zaxcom TRX900AA's, and the rest are 4-pin Lemo for the standard Tram XLR-3 power supply or my old VHF Vega 77's.
  10. Finally got to see Life Of Pi last week... what a gorgeous film. Alexas on Cameron-Pace kit if I read right...
  11. +1. Planning a trip into NYC soon to do just this. After my last job sans harness I'm definitely in the market for one...
  12. I was working a bit with one of these last week: http://www.shure.com/americas/products/microphones/microflex/mx412-mx418-gooseneck-microphones The MX418 gives you a number of ways to configure the operation of the mute button via DIP switch settings.
  13. Just loaded 5.0 on my Nomad 10 and updated Zaxnet, will be tweaking it about throughout the day. Edit: Used it on a 14 hour shoot film-style with a RED ONE on Monday 2/18, performed fine for the most part. Had a strange issue with Input 1, was going to use it for my boom but was getting no audio. Ended up using Input 3 for the day, but during a break looked at things a little closer. I have one of those Gold Line tone generators(an XLR-3M with an LED on the end) and it showed I was getting phantom though no audio. Gave the Nomad a reboot and I had audio, mic then worked too(AKG 451/CK8). Also had a mirroring issue where it went no further than 3%, rebooted and changed to Continuous and was good the rest of the day. Since then have gone to 5.01.
  14. Just got an email from Gotham about their demo unit, looks pretty impressive... From the email: "the ability to record up to 32 audio tracks with or without video! Choose from 8 analog line-level channels, 8 AES channels, 16 SDI-embedded channels, 32 channels from the integrated Audinate Dante interface, or mix and match all of them!" Unboxing video: http://vimeo.com/59526882 Product page: http://www.sounddevices.com/products/pix260i/
  15. Brilliant! Downloading the free version to have a go...
  16. Mine is currently unmodded and here's how it changes depending on setting: 0-2 No change 2-5 Brightness increases incrementally 6-11 No change Sending mine into the mothership very soon for the screen upgrade.
  17. My kind of topic! Also in Jersey Down The Shore(you're pretty close to me jwill!) Jersey Shore BBQ in Belmar NJ, these guys are rocking. One word: Brisket! A couple of doors down is 10th. Ave Burrito, which was featured a little while back on Diners Drive Ins and Dives... pork mole platter, chicken in adobo cream sauce... now I'm hungry! And there's a ton more good joints in the vicinity...
  18. Awesome. I especially liked this bit from it, rings true today: "Mr. Kudelski pointed out that people who have need for new automobiles do not wait for next year's model. As the improvements do not justify the delay, he expects to see a similar trend in recording equipment, which should not block the immediate sales of equipment's now being offered."
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