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  1. Hi gang, I'm trying to help out a crew I had the pleasure of working with recently by putting them in touch with a local South Korean sound mixer. I can't recommend these guys highly enough, they were amazing to work with, very laidback, unpretentious, humble and generally just a joy to be around. The job is sort of ENG/reality, essentially it's a branded doco, but very easy gig, generally no more than a boom and one wireless mic, occasionally a second, seperate recorder and a wireless scratch track to camera + TC. Hit me up if you're based in South Korea (or know of anyone who is) and I'll pass on some details. Thanks!
  2. David Chakman

    Lectro Blocks for Australia

    Not sure about 24, but my block 25 stuff is still working just fine, go figure! David "Chak" Chakman Melbourne, Australia
  3. David Chakman

    Lectro Blocks for Australia

    Hey gang, this was posted fairly recently on the FB group which I found extremely useful (thanks to Brian Reynolds), it's the Jands Shure wireless freq guide which shows what's going on in the major cities around Australia. Here's the original link, and the PDF attached is the same thing that I edited to include the rough Lectro blocks (down the bottom) Cheers, David Jands Shure Australian Frequency Guide.pdf
  4. David Chakman

    As I Hear It - Choosing the Right Microphone

    Wow, apparently my searching skills need a little work, don't know how i missed all that! Amen to that Mark, its been some time since i have listened to any of the sample recordings but i do remember being very impressed with the sound of the Neumann KMR81i, from all the test it sounded like it had the best off axis rejection to me. - Chak
  5. Here's a little something I found today while clearing out some old bookmarks - an in depth look at a few of the usual (and maybe not so usual) shotgun, hyper, super and cardioid suspects. Now, I did not write this and to be perfectly honest I don't know if I would agree with some of the stuff that this guys says (admittedly, he is a video guy apparently) but I thought it did make interesting reading and there are some decent samples recordings with each mic that he reviews. Apologies if this has been posted before, I did do a search (yes, on google) with no results, so here goes.. http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/right_mic_brockett.html Enjoy - Chak
  6. David Chakman

    Australian Screen Sound Guild

    Wish I could make it but I'm out of town for a while. Any one taking notes? I'd love to know how this goes.
  7. David Chakman

    DIY transmitter mic belt

    If you can't fix it with gaffer tape, you're not using enough gaffer tape!
  8. Hope... http://www.ted.com/talks/stewart_brand_the_dawn_of_de_extinction_are_you_ready.html
  9. David Chakman

    Mic Placement?

    Looks ADR'd to me
  10. David Chakman

    Show me your bag

    Hey cmassey, I have an almost identical set up at the moment and have been looking into different powering options. Do you power the whole lot off a single NP-1? If so, how long do you normally get out of a single battery? Oh, and what capacity is/are your NP-1s? Cheers, Chak
  11. David Chakman

    View From The Office:

    Just found this while clearing out some crap from my computer, it's from a job I did a couple of months ago. HMAS Warramunga: an Anzac class frigate of the Royal Australian Navy. We were shooting on it but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take any snaps on board.
  12. David Chakman

    Oscar Sound Tech TL-40 Lav Pics & Sound Test

    Any thoughts on the noise floor on these mics? The web site just says "Very low inherent noise" but does not actually list any figures. Has any one been able to notice much of a difference in the self noise of these to something like a COS-11? I was also looking at the MM-PSM-L which is listed as having "Equivalent Noise: 32 dba"; seems a little high to me for anything quiet/sensitive... Any thoughts or real world experiences?
  13. David Chakman

    Zoom on a boom

    I don't think anyone here would be all that surprised to see that this is the corner of the market that Rode gunning for... It's up to you to take it as you like; on one hand it does annoy me a little to know that SOME people do not take what I do for a living seriously, but then they are not really the folks/jobs that I want to be working with/doing anyway. On the other hand you get what you pay for and there are plenty of people who understand that and that's who I want to work with, just about guaranteed to be making something of quality that way, not something you try to forget that you worked on once it is all over. .02
  14. David Chakman

    New follow cart in the making

    Looks pretty nice Robert, I must admit I had an audible "Aww, cool!" moment when I figured out the flip-top lid section, great idea. What's the overhang on the dolly section for, boom poles to sit on with clasps perhaps?
  15. David Chakman

    Battery showdown

    Very interesting and a great find. Cheers!