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  1. Hi Phil! Thanking... Also, any opinion on running a module chain on the raw, poly wav files as a batch, given that the plugins contained in the chain are desired, before going into PT? BTW, To keep the Timecode as on the native wav files, what are the settings in proTools as well, please, to avoid defaulting to Thank you very much Fury
  2. Hi ALL! The goal is to maintain existing TC, present in poly files, input to ProTools, through RX5 connect, for processing, back to PT and thence bounced to a stereo file. The poly files have; mix, boom and 4 Isos. Also, Rx5Adv has a Module Chain in place to custom, lightly process nearly all the tracks, from all the files,but this is laborious with approximately 150 files and Izotope's 2 track per pass limit. Any helpful ideas appreciated. Finally, what is the best method, considering the above, to maintain the original TC, through the finished, bounced, stereo files? Thank you very much Fury
  3. As Fury has said before, everyone , pretty much, is nice 'till you live with 'em... Fury Misses The Hon. Senator, to be sure. Thank you very much Fury
  4. Fury is seeking opiinions on the above and below... This setup is somewhat functional, for the MKH 50 and U 87 Ai, for example, but looking for a better mounting solution with those pics, before say picking up an MKH30. Thank you very much Fury
  5. Now see this!!!: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=115&cp_id=11502&cs_id=1150201&p_id=600700&seq=1&format=2 Fury would like to know of bracket mounts recommended for XY & Side/Mid +,- windscreens as well. Thank you very much Fury
  6. Any ears on experience here with the Kaotica Eyeball? Thank you very much Fury
  7. The Ikan Md7 has been a great Hi Brite performer for Fury. Fury is looking forward to receipt of the OSEE field monitor kit next week: http://www.oseedirect.com/accessories.html This would house the LCM 156 Monitor here: http://www.oseedirect.com/shop.html Might be a bit larger than one would want, but allowing LUTS and being 10bit, at this price point...interesting. Thank you very much Fury
  8. Fury has been looking at a portable ADR setup and wonders if anyone can be of help , with the following concept. Feature a 4' X 4" or 4 " diameter (all approximate) booth, with double Sound Blanket walls, separated, by 4-6". Anyone done anything like this/have ideas on the home depot level of this undertaking, for example? Thank you very much Fury
  9. The Balance, with Dragon/Epic, in usuall, gimbal configuration and a 1 kg. lens (battery on back plateto balance) , withe Ronin extensions, is fairly straigthtforward and the operating noise generally minimal. The issues however, may superve at greater weights and with quick moves, especially in suitcase mode. Then the gizmo can go helicopter on the operator, etc., etc.... Once the operator knows the limits of the Ronin and what it allows, the noise floor is very low. and not at all an issue, in Fury's humble opinion. TRhank you very much Fury
  10. The correct questionand abswer are frequently difficult to formulate, as bobborygmi's etiology is multifactorial. Hence, GasX, Beano, etc., etc.. WRT mechanical heart valves, Fury has often mused of a script, that encompasses what has been a real life...observation of a decedent's paced, mechanical valve audibly clicking at perfect 72 bpm across a large room... Thank you very much Fury
  11. Pretty much everyone's nice...'till you live with 'em. Fury
  12. Fury heard that it was another 4-6 weeks-that was last week. Thank you very much Fury
  13. Well, loved his Chasse. Bet he has a helluva Corte... Thank you very much Fury
  14. ​That is likely cuz it wasn't a problem, until EPIC X begat Dragon. Dragon had different hardware and correspondingly different firmware. Rare success at 23.98, on Dragon FW versions, until the 2volt and pother code changes by Zaxcom and RED, enabled robust connectivity at all Tc's, with the Zax versions that Fury dutifully noted above. Thank you very much Fury
  15. Whilst Fury has not jammed to an Amira, The RED cameras required 1.33 @ 2.0 volts, fro,m his ERX's, for joy, at all available rates and matched in camera, of course.. Testing two ERX's, on RED cameras, with V 2.00, gave joy, as set above, whilst versions between 1.33 and 2.00 were inconsistent wrt Tc @ 23.98 on RED Dragon. Perhaps gthe OP could report on the voltage required to sustain Tc on the Amiras, under different Tc rates. Additionally, Fury did calibrate two of his ERX's to the Nomad Tc generator's Tc and the variance was fairly small. It is important, AFAHK, to have the calibration done in relatively pristine electronic conditions and then to have the calibration option disabled, to prevent spurious values, on set bootups, etc.. It is also not unexpected to see + and/or - values, for calibration results, as not all crystals are created equal... Fury apologizes, for his tardy response... Thank you very much Fury
  16. Hi Mike, Thanks for jumping in here. Fury has great respect for the entire Teradek family and was happy, as usual, to see your intervention,once he made you aware of this thread. You may recall that Fury has a Zaxcom kit, with a Nomad 12 and wireless transmitters/ ERX pieces. I know you recall that Fury has a Bolt 2000, which worked a treat on set, with all that gear... again today. At any rate, no problem for Fury to drop by your facility, with kit in tow, if that helps sort this out-perhaps with some Lectros there as well... Call if you needed. Thank you very much Fury
  17. What was , in fact done and, AFAFK and has experienced, requires ERX 1.33 and RED Dragon current release or Beta, to get the most consistent results. Fury can report that, as of this date, the above combination is required on two different Dragon cameras, to get 23.976 TC into Dragon, with 2.0 volt output set on the ERX. N.B. the 1.33 was a clever piece of engineering, by Howie, et al. and, with RED's new firmware, gives joy. Thank you very much Fury
  18. Hi Tom, The Zaxcom ERX, with 1.33) needs to be set to 2 volts, to get 23.976. The actual output may not be that high, however. This is with the firmware versions at or than what is listed above,, including Betas, for the RED Dragons. Please report back, with a fresh firmware to current release, for Dragon and output voltage from your slate set to 1.0 volt, as a first step. Thank you very much Fury
  19. This is likely a bit off, but Fury has done some leisure reading, as regards, boundary mics and techniques. For interview type work, would say, a Lehman L2, suspended on a C stand or a PZM pyramid be superior to the lav/boom concept above, assuming same qualified operator and suitable kit? Thank you very much Fury
  20. Srgtfury

    RX 4

    Thanks Jay and Marc, Yep, Split out in Wave Agent-thanks Marc - and the rather tedious process of multiple track processing and recombining, etc.. No shortcut to success...usually. Thank you very much Fury
  21. Srgtfury

    RX 4

    Hello Mr. Rose, Thank you for your considered opinion. Sadly, no poly claim, but Fury would have hoped that the tracks would be, at least, truncated. Could you please describe the best workflow for doing this, with say: 1) Solely using the Boom Track or the Mix track 2) Splitting and processing say 5 tracks, ingesting in pairs, and then relinking/assembling, after all are leveled for example. 3) Taking the tracks that populate in CineX or Resolve out for RXADV processing and reingesting Time code synching of 50 clips is in place, through RCX Thank you very much Fury
  22. Srgtfury

    RX 4

    Hi All, Any help Appreciated.. Importing, using three, different methods of Zaxcom generated, mirror card wav files, with multiple (2-5) tracks to RX4 ADV gives this error "​(Invalid channel count:0x2)." File does not open, after hovering over RX4ADV with Green and White "+" Same audio files open, with all tracks in RCX and Resolve. Thank you very much Fury
  23. Dear Hon. Senator Mike, et al. Fury was onset, during a 12 hour shoot last week, in LA, with ambient temp at 101, during zenith of the day's temps . Frame and Project rate 23.98, 1/48 and Adaptive Mode set as above, but in the most claiente part of the day, Temp showed RED on display. Fury instructed Camera OP to Black shade (saved in camera, as there are fo 4 Blackshade presets allowable, for in camera storage, on Dragon) and Green/Green, from then on out, as expected. That Dragon does whine, when out of record mode and temps soar, but what bi.../Dragon doesn't... YNNV and A LOT DEPENDS... Thank you very much Fury
  24. Just had a failure on 23.98, with a new Dragon 5.2.28 and TCD ERX1 1.25. Luckily Fury had saved 1.33. lHe loaded it onto the ERX and joy, with scratch audio to camera just fine, as was 23.98-12 hour day.. Might keep 1.33 handy, in case. Howy is aware and putting 1.33 back on Zaxcom's site. Thank you very much Fury
  25. Really! YMMV, as this was and is even more, as Fury types, an "older and older" ERX 1 TCD.. Before anyone gets exercised, The output was over 2 volts, to be sure, and no joy for Tc on Dragon, until 5.2.28. Didn't have another ERX to test at that time, however, but the scope measured the Locki box's output as it was nominally rated. Thank you very much Fury
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