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  1. Can you send a pic of your latest setup? We’ve always benefited from a look over your shoulder.
  2. I've been waiting for this feature for years, it was one of the reasons that pushed me to originally purchase a Nomad. I'm very happy to hear that it is becoming a reality.
  3. It's a trap to be on set with the guy who mixed Martin Scorsese's movie After Hours?!...........................
  4. Awesome info Jason, very grateful!
  5. I've been working with an Amira, same camera for months, its taking TC from an ERX2 at .25 volts. Only reason I kicked it down so low was because at times I was hearing the TC bleed into the audio track.
  6. Hi Jack, Thank you. I attempted by using the same number keys on the face as if I was programing timecode but instead ZNET kept switching to a different wireless input. Is that an advancement since Nomad software version 7.27?
  7. I'm using a Nomad and changing frequencies on TRXLA2.5 units. I've been accessing it through the ZNET button on the face. Once in the ZNET screen I change the freq using the menu button. It takes me a time consuming amount of twists to get from 550 to 600. Is there a quicker way? I apologize if this is redundant but I cannot find it in the manual or in a JW search.
  8. I'm interested in these transmitters but not until they can run with a receiver in dual mode. Is it still the case that they cannot?
  9. Thank you both for the pricing info. Anyone have stats on how many battery life hours for AA lithiums, comparable to LA2?
  10. Has there been any pricing information on the ZHD wireless? If the release is less than 2 weeks away I would imagine this info is available.
  11. That's a bold statement.....Jack that description of ZHD is coming from you or Zaxcom?
  12. As well my preference for NYC has been block 26 very rarely had any issues.
  13. Jack....how did this play out, could you please update?
  14. Zaxcom wireless on your talent recording on micro SD card. I'm fairly certain someone on this site would be willing to volunteer a unit if you ask politely.
  15. Anyone notice much of a range difference when using a harness to shoulder mount their SNA600s as opposed to having them fixed in the bag?
  16. +1 on needing the mod, the Zaxnet antenna on the Nomad is an accident waiting to happen.
  17. That's it???.............this feeble post is your best attempt at clearing your name? Have you put in the effort to make sure that this mic has now been tested by a professional at Trew or LSC to verify if it is real or a fake 416? Have you located your original receipt or bill of sale? Are you still maintaing your claim that this is one of two 416 microphones that you purchased when Coffee and Trew merged? How about returning this guy's money? Has any of THIS been done or are you still dragging your heels thinking people won't remember the name Justin Blakely and how he chooses to do business? I know I am not alone when I say I truly hope that you do not plan to conduct transactions on the For Sale side of JW Sound.
  18. Justin Blakely.....legends of our industry have taken time and responded to a situation for which you are responsible. Contrary to your original claim, Trew audio has confirmed that there is no record of this 416 having been at their store nor is there any record of you having purchased a 416 from their store. How do you account for your previous post detailing how you bought 2 416 microphones from this store, one of which you sold to Harlow Sound? You talk about things seeming "fishy"? You publicly stated that in the past you bought a Chinese 416 from ebay. Now you yourself are accused of selling a counterfeit 416. How is that for fishy? We do not care what you believe you have learned from previous transactions because here and now you are clearly in the wrong. Regardless of the time frame, if the microphone you sold is proven to be a fake you should step up and return this man's money. From what you've shown us so far, the only person appearing "nasty and desperate" is in fact you. In the midst of all of this nonsense one thing is VERY certain.........your past experience has not taught you the humility or dignity to take responsibility for your actions in life.
  19. Both of you guys clearly desire to be members of this community or you wouldn't be here. This transaction has gone bad, out of respect for all of us you should be able to find a realistic solution. In fact it should be pretty simple, either this microphone is a legitimate mkh416 or it's not. AFMY has a great way for you guys to figure it out and move on in life. What do you say Justin?
  20. Last night Justin Blakely posted a response in this forum which has since been removed. In this response he clearly stated that he himself purchased from ebay a counterfeit Sennheiser MKH416 microphone. Coincidence?
  21. Please look at the bidding history for this item, notice that the first bid placed on: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SENNHEISER-MKH-416-P48-CLASSIC-SHORT-SHOTGUN-CONDENSER-MICROPHONE-FOR-DISPLAY-/371238991480?pt=US_Pro_Audio_Microphones&hash=item566f917678 has the exact same number of feedback as Justin Blakely who is http://www.ebay.com/usr/organic_sound Coincidence?
  22. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SENNHEISER-MKH-416-P48-CLASSIC-SHORT-SHOTGUN-CONDENSER-MICROPHONE-FOR-DISPLAY-/371238991480?pt=US_Pro_Audio_Microphones&hash=item566f917678
  23. Justin's ebay name is organic_sound http://www.ebay.com/usr/organic_sound
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