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  1. The caps look very nice. Was thinking about doing my own as well, what material did you print with?
  2. Haven't bought one per se, but used one in a docu made for the cantar, equal to portabrace quality wise. Don't know about prices though
  3. TommLab

    Deva 32

    Was searching today new info and this popped up on zax website
  4. Mr Duffy is there an email address to which i can write to for suggesting this feature (better monitoring or a choice of monitoring) a second time? Wrote through the website but never got back any answer. Thanks
  5. Lucky you rick, it has been weeks and i didn't get a reply about my suggestion on improved monitoring on 70D. Oh and i did too sent a request for take reset for 680 ;-)
  6. Thanks, suggestion sent. Hope it will get through, i love the unit and a simple MUTE on a track would be fantastic, heck even just selecting what channel to monitor would be perfect.
  7. Thanks Rick, i own both the 70d and dr680 (and a 633) and it would have been a nice addition for a super small backup/stealth unit. Anyway, a question to Tom Duffy: will the 70d have a firmware upgrade to have monitoring similar to the new 701d (being extremely similar in design)?
  8. The first two on the list are from an italian dealer so you have to add IVA (VAT) that is +22% on that amount
  9. Is there a way to MUTE a track on the DR70? Would love to use a tentacle lockit on ch4. As far as i can see on the manual there are only pan settings but no mute function
  10. On the tx side (UM200C) how much gain are you using?
  11. Hi, i'm resuming this post just for the title (so i don't make a duplicate one). What are your impressions on the aforementioned AKG Blueline SE300B with capsule CK94? Is a good budget solution to start into ms recording? It would be cost effective for me as i already have access to some blueline preamps
  12. If i remember correctly one of my 815s have a similar issue, let me check and get back to you tomorrow (haven't used them in ages)
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