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  1. Hey all, Has anyone had a file show up on the .CSV report and not be on the drive. I've had this issue just today where I recorded the file, and wrote the csv at the end of the day. Now I see 2 of the exact same file names on my machine. I am missing take 2 of 2 of a file called X42BT2. I recorded it and the CSV tells me its' there but there is no actual file on my hard drive or CF card. Stranger thing to, is that the DIT had a warning error message saying that file X42BT2 was a duplicate and could not be copied. I have not contact SD and I will of course but wondering if anyone has had this issue and how they may have resolved it. Thanks so much B
  2. Hi All, I've been in love with the sound of the 744T preamps and was disappointed to learn the 788 doesn't share the same analog preamps. For many reasons the 633 is a very attractive solution to a lot of my recording needs but I frequently record with more than 3 phantom hungry mics at a time and was considering getting a 422 to compliment the 633. Does anyone know if the pres in the 422 are the same analog pres as those in the 744T? Aside from the 422, what are some other great 3-4 channel preamps available to drive the additional 3 line-inputs of the 633? I saw the VCP-M3 serving just that purpose but haven't been able to find a lot of real-world feedback. I do a bit of atmo and foley recording on top of production mixing, so I'm looking for some deep, clean and portable preamps. Thank you for your time and input!
  3. Has anybody else had a 788T-SSD save the first few files of the day into a previous day's folder and then the rest into the current daily one? Not the end of the world, if you aren't in a big hurry at the end of the day, but makes for a messy sound report, unless I transfer files into the correct folder on a laptop, then copy CF card to HDD folder to match. Also, I'd just kinda like to know what happened... Thanks in advance.
  4. I recently bought a brand new Delkin 32GB CF card for my 788t, and found this disturbing behavior: if the recorder is turned on while the card is already inserted, neither the internal HD or the CF card appear on the screen. It took us more than an hour of troubleshooting to figure out that the culprit was the card. After I tested the issue with all my other cards to confirm this, I went back to the vendor and asked for an exchange. We tried another card and, wouldn't you know it, we had the same issue. We looked for a card from a different batch - problem gone. In order to avoid this issue, look at the back of the packaging. At the bottom, next to the bar code, you'll see two sets of numbers: the problem card read thusly: "092415 1808737VQ". The card that eventually worked reads: "060115 1804778VU". Please talk to your vendors and make sure they look through their stock, and return the offending cards. Thanks, BK PS: This problem seems to be exclusive to the 788t, as these cards are approved both for the 7-series and the 6-series machines, but I didn't test it on my 664…
  5. I'm rigging a psc euro cart for a drama series and have the possibility of using a pic six pack to wrangle receivers together. I'd like to send signal to a 788t from wisycom mcr42 via aes but can't tell if it will work. I've contacted the mfg, but they haven't gotten back to me yet so I'm hoping I can discover something here. is there anyone here who currently does this? is there a workaround that was necessary? the psc six pack is a perfect layout for me as I'll have two booms and 6 lavs most days, but perhaps there are other good options? (no, the sound dashboard will not work, as I need only 3 slot-in wisys). I'll build the db37 myself from an existing xl88. /Miles
  6. Hi there, I have got a new 788t with cl-8. How can I listen in post fader from my hp? When I use the 788T in post-fader, also if all the cl-8's faders are -∞ I listen the armed tracks. Why? I would like to listen only the tracks that I open from the cl-8. Is it possible?? Thank you
  7. Hello, JWSOUNDers! Recently switched to using a 788T/CL-9 setup. In the interest of actor privacy, I'd like to find a quick way to either mute or pot down the feed to the Director's/Client's Comtek transmitter in between takes. I usually drop all faders except the boom strip anyway, but sometimes I want to use that time to adjust EQ, or make sure body mics still sound okay without broadcasting to the whole set. I thought of assigning the COM2 (for talking to the director or script supervisor) and all active inputs to the X2 track, assigning that to the Comtek output and making the X2 fader knob on the CL-9 a dedicated "Director's Output" knob, but I feel like there might be a more elegant way. In the meantime, I've been using the solo buttons to listen to individual mics, but can anyone give me a good shortcut way to 'mute all' on a specific, assigned output in between takes? Using the Keyboard/Logic Assignment to toggle button on my keyboard would work really well. Anybody? Thanks In Advance! Karl Wasserman Astoria, NY
  8. Take an in-depth look at Mix Assist, an available feature on the 788T that improves audio quality in environments with multiple open microphones
  9. i am trying to sync 2 788t's. not linked together. Ive read through the manual numerous times and came up empty. ive searched on the internet to no avail. starting to get frustrated with this. I have a lemo to bnc and a standard bnc cable. Set my master to Freerun and slave to rx ex. didnt work. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ced
  10. hey all, Im kinda in a pinch, on a small budget. I will be running sound for a single person interview w/ multiple takes this sunday. I have a 788t. Limo out to bnc is the only cable i have to use. Obviously the 5d does not have a bnc in. I dont have it in the budget for a Denecke time slate or timecode buddy. Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to sync my 788t (master) to the 5d without potential for alot of drift.. the good ol hand clap? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks ced
  11. Guest

    Breakout cables and adapters

    Hi everyone, sorry if this came up before as searching didn't come up with much. Anyone have any experience in making breakout cables for the 788T with Return and Timecode over a 10-Pin Hirose cable, in order to connect to an Alexa? Unfortunately I do not own a mixer so have to improvise. I know I can buy them, but I would like to make them myself considering they can get damaged pretty easily and thought maybe someone has the diagram of some sort I can use as reference, since I have no idea how things work on the Alexa end and cant seem to find the diagram for its pins. Thank you Erkal
  12. hi, First off, Im not a sound guy by any means. understand the basics. Long story short, I borrowed a 788t from a friend and he's out of the country.( Don't want to bug him on the family getaway) i have a couple basic questions that i need some advice on. - what should i set the sample rate and bit depth to? -file type- poly or mono? -ill be shooting at 30 frames. what should the TC frame rate be set to on 788? ive heard to set it to 29.97. not sure if thats true. -using wireless mics. when the receiver is plugged in, should the track be set to mic or line? 48k with mic? - i have 4 lectrosonic 411a's all set to -20, with the transmitter gain around 11 o'clock. is this correct? i know im working with a beast here so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much. -palm
  13. I'm writing this in the hope that Sound Devices get the wishes and comments of some of the CL-Wifi users. I have been recently doing a lot of Commercial Documentaries, where the rig is on the bag and is only 1 radio (sometimes 2) and the Boom. As i haven't have to mix most of it, i put my 788t on a bag pack with the battery and radios, and have been controlling it with a CL-Wifi on an arm band. I have to say, it has made my job so much more comfortable. the weight is on the back (as it should) and i have a clear chest that makes it so much easier for booming. I even have a line of sight of levels on my arm while still looking at the boom (no more neck ache). There is just a couple of little things i would love to see on the CL-wifi, that would make this rig perfect for this situations: 1- ANDROID. iphone is no longer the most used system, and android opens the possibility of more diversity of devices, sizes and even more powerful ones (quad core). 2- 788t battery telemetry. If we can see the uv meters with almost no delay, I guess the battery readout shouldn't be a hard one. 3- Gain/Level change. I'm not hoping to replace my cl-9 or cl8 with an iPad or anything like that, but since the gain or level (depending on menu settings) is not mechanically controlled but software controlled, implementing a window to tweak it should be doable and VERY very useful. I know it is a lot to ask, but this could make the difference in this kinda situations. If any of you want to add something, please do Thanks to SoundDevices for always listening to their costumers and thanks for some kick ass products Diego
  14. I own a 744T but it's simply not enough tracks for me. I'm starting to do bigger, better projects, with more speaking roles. SO, my question is simple: I'd like people's opinions on whether I should purchase the Sound Devices 664 (with option of adding the CL-6), the Sound Devices 788T, (Not necessarily a mixer/recorder all in one, but still, a great digital recording tool) or a Zaxcom Nomad 10. Tossups: Buying a 664 = Buying a new bag. I have the Petrol Eargonizer Large. I thought this was as big as they get!? Buying a 664 or Nomad 10 means I need a whole new battery distribution system. Expensive right away, but I know it's worth it in the long run. Buying a 788T - I feel like it's doesn't have the same mixing capabilities as the 664 fully stacked. Buying a Nomad 10 - What happens when I need more inputs? I'm stuck in the same boat! Any and all opinions are welcome. Ian
  15. Yesterday I experienced a funny issue with an externally powered 788T. The power source was, apparently, somewhat less reliable and dropped out a few times. Normally the 788T should switch to the "internal" (back side) battery, but it didn't. Instead it just went OFF without saving. Anybody else experienced this?
  16. The other day I was rigging a bag for a job and noticed something odd I wanted to share with you. In the bag: 788t, 3x Sennie EK100G2 with DC-2 battery eliminators on a Hawkwoods VLR-SQN4S. The 788t was connected to the VLRs fixed cable. One of the Sennies showed one bar of reception, although all TX were off, and my RF-Explorer one meter away on the table showed an empty spectrum. I took the RF-Explorer in the bag, and the noise foor was around 9db higher, with a slight sawtooth pattern. I plugged the 788t off the Hawkwood power source and the noisefloor went down. I powered the 788t from the last Hirose connector, but the noise went up again. I suspected some correlation with the VLRs internal regulators and luckily, I had a Hawkwoods PC-7 with a 2xM Hirose Cable around, that fits with the Twist D-Tap of the Bebob battery. When I connected the 788t directly to the battery, no noise offset was noticable, bingo! Nice side effect: I can now see the batteries current voltage (and therefore if its running low) in the 788t lcd. With the Bebobs Twist D-Tap, I found a workaround for me. If I'd be stuck with other battery types, I'd try to modify, the VLR and bypass the regulator.
  17. Hi all So 2 days ago i was recording a tv add in a house and today i got that awful call from production: 'one of the files is incomplete'. I checked the hard drive of the 788t and on it the file is also incomplete. The camera take is 11:15 and the audio take only 1:38. The weird thing is, the audio is the last 1:38 of the video, not the beginning! During recording no message came up, the recorder didn't freeze or anything like that. I have the A-Time in big numbers so i don't recall seeing the timer of the take at the end of it. Has this ever happen to anyone? Now i need to write an insurance report (1 time ever) and explain what could have gone wrong. Any ideas? Thanks Diego
  18. Post 2 3 more and I can post a WTB: CL-8 on the notice board. Bear with me please. I normally use the input linking feature for matched pairs/quads, MS, or my 7.1 Holophone. Always with the balance set to C as I want to restrict any fiddling to post production after the recording. So, lets say I link two channels with completely different mics/characteristics and they present with significantly different input levels at the same gain setting. By using the balance (which I know is NOT pan) to even up the relative levels to the record tracks, I'm assuming this is digitally boosting the lower level and attenuating the stronger signal to make up the difference. Here's my question... Is the balance a post trim attenuation/boost like a fader? Or is it adding/subtracting to the trim level on either side of the trim input to achieve the result? If it is a post trim boost/cut then does the clip indicator still engage when the higher of the two mics hits the red, even though it appears attenuated? Does this even make sense? Cheers Chris
  19. Hello All This primarily concerns UK based recordists (or others on channel 38, 606.5-613.500MHz) just had a fascinating chat with Kish Patel, MD of Audio Ltd, who's radio mics many (most?) of us use. He tells me that Audio Ltd found that the Sound Devices 788T emits RF, via input and output cables, which cause interference with (and decreased range to) our 2040 radio kit, and for that matter any other radio mics tuned to certain frequencies. The precise physics I'll leave to him to explain, but suffice it to say, they have produced the following list of frequencies which the SD788T emits in CH38/39/40. Simply put, our audio is at higher risk to 'hits' on channel 9 and increased (but lower) risk on channels 3 and 5 of our packs as they are too close to interference. Channels 14 and 26 are also affected, but these are in the CH39/40 range. Emissions from 788T in the CH38 region. L 611.0 H 614.4 L 608.3 L 604.5 H 602.1 H 617.4 H 626.7 (L = low level, H = High level) Not sure if everyone else was aware of this or whether or not it was already common knowledge - but it certainly is news to me and a few of my colleagues. It would appear there is now even less choice in already congested airwaves in UK. Anyone from Sound Devices care to comment? Hope all healthy and busy Stateside - good luck at the polls tomorrow (whichever camp you're in!) S
  20. Hello ~ I am having getting the 788t to shut off. When I power down, it says "powering down" "closing media" and hangs forever and won't shut off. The only thing mounted on it is the internal harddrive and a CF flash card. All my data in the unit is backed up. Please recommend a fix. Commpost
  21. Hey Guys, Back again for some insight. Starting my 3rd feature and we are going to be using the Alexa along with my 788t and an Ambient radio slate with one receiver. We will not be using lockits, so my plan is to have the ambient receiver on the camera and jam the slate from my 788t as much as possible. What mode is the best to work in? If we go with free run or 24 hour run, could i keep the wireless receiver off and just instruct the AC to flip it on for jamming purposes? Should we do a rec run setup? I know the camera guys wont be thrilled about me controlling camera record functions. I hear the Alexa keeps time code really well. BTW, I will not be sending a scratch track to camera.
  22. What kind of snake is best to go from the 788t to the Red camera? The Red One, for example, has 4 mini-XLR inputs for recording 4 tracks. A snake with 4 mini-XLRs on both ends would make sense, but so far I have not heard of such a snake. A standard ENG snake has full size XLRs on both ends, and is one supposed to use XLR to mini XLR adapters on both ends? That is not an ideal solution. I am thinking twice before picking up a standard ENG breakaway XLR snake. Any opinions welcome. thx Commpost
  23. Hi there, anyone using this software version in anger yet? - Am about to commence 5wk shoot on this version and would like to know any pitfalls? As a new 788 user (switch from Deva) - please can I ask a few stupid questions? My setup = 90% of the time I'm using an AD149 mixer on the cart. Analogue out to 788/CL8. 1) The CL8 is there for situations where I need to go hand held and be mobile. However, when the rig is on the cart - how do I bypass the CL8? - do I literally have to unplug it from the USB socket? there must be a menu option to disable it and have 788 act as a simple 8 input recorder? 2) how can I save and name 2/3 user setups - i.e. Over the Shoulder, Trolley/cart, other , .....etc and recall quickly? 3) I line up input trim on each 788 channel using line level tone @1K from desk - so the meters are hitting last green LED (-20dBFs i presume). To kill the record channel and avoid using up disk space, I need to dial the trim pot counter clockwise til it clicks off - and therefore lose my input setting - right? - how can I avoid this? I've tried the new software which says 'input enables only' but have had no joy, as once enabled, the channel is 'dead' and the 1K tone does not get routed to track ?? How do I maintain my trim position and kill the record track ? 4) In over shoulder mode, I'm using the CL8 to route mic channel 1 to Aux 1 Prefade. However, if I then route channel 2 to Aux 1POSTFADE - then channel 1 changes to POSTFADE too. It seems that each Aux is only capable of being either PRE or POST. They appear to be 'linked'. How do I 'unlink' them? thanks and apologies for stupidity.... Simon
  24. Playing around with my new 788t i noticed the limiters were crossed out. I cant figure why they would be disable. anyone have some hints. Please do not say read the manual. i just spent the last hour searching how to fix this. Thanks
  25. Cool mod! Now if you could hook this up to the iPhone so that timecode runs on the iPad via wifi using the iphone as master as well as logging starts and stops to sound reports, all just by pushing record and stop:) Or (hint hint Sound Devices) add timecode out link to the cl wifi so that the the idevices can receive timecode along with its current features (similar to Zaxnet). And jump into bed with one of these sound report companies (movie slate) or allow PDF sound reports from iPad... Just some ideas.
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