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accidentally formatted cards...recovery


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1 hour ago, The Documentary Sound Guy said:

Fixing corrupt / missing file headers is a different operation from recovering deleted / formatted cards.  Media programs like Audacity can do the former but not the latter.


Just to be clear, I was responding to John's "i had a corrupt file... CF media was fine" question from today. Which ya, veers from his 2015 "formatted/erased" issue.  No worries all around...


For erased files, an IT friend likes Stellar. I think they have a free/demo tier, and I think they're not scammy and don't over email users. No first hand experience, though. https://www.stellarinfo.com


There's also Disk Drill for macOS and Windows. Which I used to use, but haven't needed for a while. Looks like it's still maintained. https://www.cleverfiles.com


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Disk Drill found the corrupt file--  i was able to preview it- sounded fine...  After that they wanted payment to go further..  So it worked well for this application..   It also found another partition on the same SD card, that did not get erased when formatting.  "Recovered" audio from that partition was garbage.....  


Good learning day...






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Something similar happend on a laptop to me and I had very great success using 'Disk Drill'. I think it costs around 100€ but its woth the price. good luck!



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