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Boom operators - Cool photos


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The GoPro Camera. http://www.goprocamera.com/products/?gclid=CI3WmaW0xKQCFQIEbAod5X3qDA

Very cool unit. Time lapse, 30fps,  @ 1080p. 60fps @ 720p. I use the time lapse mostly, but motion is cool as well. Super wide angle lens. There are many examples on the site. Cheap $ wise. 300 or less $$$.


Just did a shoot for a non profit that is trying to save the Eastern Indigo snake in Georgia.  As Indigos like to use Gopher Tortoise burrows for shelter we were of course shooting with Gopher Tortoises as well.  We used a Go Pro mounted atop the Tortoise.  Looks great and you really get the feel for the movement of the tortoise.  Me and buddy who was shooting decided the we'd put the cameras to the test for our drive back from Georgia and did a bunch of time lapse and video with the cameras mounted to the car.  Looks good in Imovie, but I can't wait to get back home to load the footage into Final cut and really tweak it to see what I can get.  Great cameras though.  Gonna try to make sue of them on a music video in a few weeks.  Will try to post the footage if I get the chance.

J.  Hemmerlin

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Hi Folks!

I've liked this post so much that maybe I uploaded too many pics! They are:

- Wilson Ferreira, "A Última Estação", Paulínia, Brasil - Night for Day shoot

- Wilson Ferreira, "A Última Estação", Paulínia, Brasil - I love his look in this pic!

- Vampiro, Stallone's "The Expendables" - Rio de Janeiro shoot - great hair and booming!

- Laura Zimmermann - "A Praia" doc - Arpoador/Ipanema - Soo good to have girls in the team!

- Me and Laura Zimmermann - "A Praia" doc - Arpoador/Ipanema - Such a hard work! - Stereo atmosphere in Rio's Beaches

Tony Muricy






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Sadly, my good friend and boom operator Richard Bullock was not represented in a photograph in the article about "Five Days in August" in the most recent issue of their Sound and Picture.

While this isn't a substitute for his hard work and contribution, it is a cool photo of Richard in Stalin Square - Gori, Georgia.



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Mike hamilton and Bernie Gewissler booming an intense  single ,12 min. shot (shoulder mounted walking backwards) on a very windy california desert dry lakebed.

As it turned out, mike had never really boomed before but he did an exellent job , as he had to jump over "dead " bodies and work

bothsides of the camera, running around backwards and bending over backwards like keanu reeves in the matrix, for the 180 degree

whip pans. He saved the day for sound. Turns out that he teaches ballet to kids!



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Nothing exotic about the background, but thought the pic was kinda cool lookin'. Film was called Day Laborer, shot around Los Angeles on 16mm. Think this scene was outside of a home depot somewhere in the valley. Didn't even know this was taken til I found it on the dvd extras months later.

<img src="http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs303.snc4/40502_1417941481642_1025767554_30981639_2596594_n.jpg">

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