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Boom operators - Cool photos


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This is Bradley Kendrick one of the best Boom Operators in the UK, we have been working together since 1997, the black & white photo was taken on an Edinburgh rooftop by Neil Davidson on the film "New Town Killers".

The furry photo was taken by Graeme Hunter while shooting the TV series "Garrow's Law".




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Interesting that you should mention that, RVD.  And quite true.... it's what you have to do when the pole's out full, especially outdoors with a zep.  I look at that picture and I see job security for the Chiropractor.  That roof top might be a tough spot for a Fisher Boom but I wish we saw more of them on sound stages.


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Hey Koff,

The way I do it is to upload the photo to my Photobucket account and then copy the "Direct Link". Then click on the "Insert image" icon above the post reply window (second from left). I paste the direct link in between the bracketed "img"s. See you Monday!


When, and if, I do this big revamp of our wonderful group, uploading images, video, etc. will be very easy. This is one of the reasons I want to make changes.

-  Jeff Wexler

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Nothing unusual looking here, except my boom op was deaf...

It was a shoot that involved help from the local school for the deaf, part of a "get into the community and prove you're ok" gig. And yep, once I showed him where to point he was fine.

(took a bit of show and tell but he got it)



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