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Looking for an alternative to BELDEN 1804A cable in EU

Fred Salles

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my favourite mini starquad of all time, the Belden 1804A, is out of stock and unreachable in Europe these days (unless somenone has a tip to a source that has stock in EU?).

I need to make a bunch of TA3 cables and I don't have enough stock so I need to look for an alternative.

I do not think there is such thing as an equivalent (=excellent starquad, 2.9mm Out. diameter, stronger than my shoelaces...)

But a diameter up to 3.2mm alternative could do if performances are equivalent. 3.5 max.

Any suggestion welcome.


Anyone has tried the german Sommercable SC-CICADA 4 ? Would love some feedback.





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Yes I use the L-4E5C for the boom. I love it but too large for TA3 connectors.


2 hours ago, Rick Reineke said:

Star-quad is not necessary for line level links IMO.

Sound Devices 8 series has many microphone inputs in TA3m (the Scorpio has even TA5).

I need to make short cables TA3m-XLRf. The Belden is just perfect for that, but if I cannot find I might go for 2 conductors yes, for short cables it might not be that crucial (although it is crucial for my sanity but I guess I have to adapt 😂

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I've made some TA-3 patch-cables with the Sommer Cable Cicada SO-D14 which has two conductors and only has a diameter of 2.6 mm. With the Neutrik Rean TA-3 as well. Soldering was painless and the cables seem robust but I added one layer of shrink tube around the cable at the end of the connector in order to make it a little tighter.

But a friend of mine works in a rental service and builds all the custom cables there from XLR down to the really small Lemo 6-Pin connectors. So I guess he might have some suggestions about the best cables for certain connectors. I'll try and find out.

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21 minutes ago, TVPostSound said:

They still have it available “per foot”. But what is going on there? $2.77/ft makes for an insanely expensive 100ft cable….

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