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Olle Sjostrom

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Canada has some great beers.

A local microbrew I'm pretty fond of: http://www.beaus.ca

They have seasonal beers throughout the year and right now you can enjoy "Bog Water" http://www.beaus.ca/beer/seasonal/bog_water

Quite tasty.

You can read all about it, and many other great Canadian beers, at the great Canadian beer blog:


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We can do a whole lot better than Moosehead!


I'll have to try the Volo bar next time I'm in Toronto.

Here in my neck of the woods Pub Italia is hard to beat for Beer selection. There are hundreds to choose from in there "Beer Bible".

It's also one of the main reasons we like to have our annual soundie get together in that spot ! lol.

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3usymygy.jpgHere's three I like. Ephemere from Quebec, same brewery - Unibroue, as la fin fu monde and many other fantastic brews. Next is 'what the huck' from Fernie brewing co. It's quite good a huckleberry wheat ale. The water in Fernie BC is good and so is the brew! Last but definitely not least is another fine Quebec brew St. Ambroise Oatmeal stout.
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So I haven't updated in a while. Had a lot to do with moving to a new apartment. Anyhow, the Systembolaget (the only alcohol acquirement facility in Sweden) has had a lot of interesting brews in stock recently. These are just a few of them;



The one on the left; Maris Otter Vintage Ale by Stroud Brewery in the UK was a FINE brew. This one almost tasted a bit like wine, hardly no bubbles or foam, but a very smooth and elegant ale. Loved it. It's organic (and vegan, isn't every beer?) too so that's good.


The one on the right was an american form Sierra Nevada Brewery; Celebration Ale. Not really a christmas beer, but sort of. As usual with beers from Sierra Nevada, this one just passes as a good beer but not really something I remember as brilliant or fantastic; just good. And that's good enough sometimes 


More to come!

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Ok so next up is another camera related (name-wise at least) brew; The Epic Armageddon IPA from Auckland, New Zealand. Brewery is called Epic Brewery



At first I thought this was too hoppy, and that always turns me off; to me it feels like a cheap trick... "Oh people know the taste of malts so let's just bomb this IPA with loads of hops!!!" Nah. But then after some mouths, and after letting the brew get a bit warmer (always a good trick for any beer if you feel it doesn't taste anything; let it be for like 5 minutes in room temperature) I found all these other tastes coming up and sweeping away some of the bitter tones and really balancing it nicely. My wife, who really enjoys a bright lager can sometimes have a hard time with IPAs, but even she enjoyed this one. 


And I don't like the text on this one; "The answer to everything"... Alcohol is never the answer to anything other than "Can I have a pint of...."


Good one nonetheless!

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Another American I tried the other day;

Red Seal Ale from North Coast Brewing co in California, the creators from one of my favorite brews of all time; the Old Stock Ale. 



The Red Seal Ale is a reddish Pale Ale. Not quite as "in-your-face" as the Old Stock, but this one is an elegant, nice tasting smooth ale. Another hit from this brewery! I believe this one's a classic, it's been around for a while in Sweden, I just haven't gotten around to drinking it 'til now. 

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Next up is a dutch IPA, from Brouwerij de Molen (the Windmill Brewery). 
VERY NICE. I got two, because I thought the label looked so nice. At first I was skeptical; a dutch beer? Knowing what Heineken tastes like.. But then I got over than thought and poured this. Absolutely loved it. Nice, balanced, fruity, hoppy, malty. Real complex, real nice. I heartily recommend it. Aforementioned wife who does not fancy IPAs in general had a whole bottle to herself and loved it. 


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