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  1. Tried a magnet under the wardrobe? And if the stethoscope is not magnetic..add a small round magnet to the round piece with sticky stuff so that none of it touches the costume. It'll now sit there no matter what they do. BVS
  2. BVS

    B&W P5 Headphones

    Yes they are made by B&W the English speaker makers.....and they are a new product....all reviews I've seen have been favorable...the question about " noise canceling" were from a reviewer and they are not active noise canceling....passive at best....described as noise isolating... http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/display.aspx?infid=4571 There are several pages to check...
  3. Anyone tried these new headphones? http://store.apple.com/us/product/TX584ZM/A/Bowers-&-Wilkins-P5-Mobile-Headphones? My Sony 7509's have reached their best before date.... Brian
  4. BVS

    Happy B Day

    Best Birthday Wishes Jeff from your friends and colleagues downunder...... Brian
  5. What has worked for me with Joe's Sticky Stuff is to stick the back of the knot of the tie to the button of the shirt so as to include the cable and follow with it down to the end of the knot and stick that as well to the shirt.The knot is now locked with the cable. Take the cable inside the shirt and secure in there in the usual manner. The rest of the tie can move freely and swing to its heart content. Brian
  6. For a more disposable foam pop filter...replace every few months...Dr Scholls Toe Guard...acoustically transparent....dirt and moisture resistant because of medical use...$NZ11....probably half that in the US. Use with an "O" ring to secure at base,fits nicely over the MK 41 capsule. You won't believe how good it sounds. Brian
  7. I have actually used a Schoeps MK 41 in a sauna while they threw water onto the stones...no problems.....since I no longer unscrew the capsule and GVC from the CMC there have been no noise problems at all.
  8. I did hear it was all done on radio mics and multi track......
  9. The building codes are very strict so less buildings were damaged....tsunami caused no damage in NZ that i know of.
  10. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10629065&pnum=0
  11. Some areas in the Chatham Islands have been evacuated as a precaution...a 1 metre drop in the sea level in 7 minutes...they are expecting bigger surges soon...national warnings are on TV for the whole of the east coast of the country......first surges hitting NZ... expected to grow...people are warned to leave beach areas....
  12. First noticeable surges hitting New Zealand now...small at the moment...some areas around the coasts have been evacuated as a precaution....the surges following could be bigger....being cautious rather than sorry. Here's a link to our Geonet Tsunami Gauge Network...updated every 5 minutes. http://www.geonet.org.nz/tsunami/
  13. I had a Producer ring me before the shoot to say he had considered my rate and would like to add $100 a day to it so that everyone on the crew was getting exactly the same money....I'll work for him any time in the future....he loved my work...it was a very happy shoot.
  14. In NZ a half day is under 5 hours and pays 60%....but as with a lot of these short days its quite possible to do 2 half days and even 3 in one day in this small compact city...morning,afternoon and evening ...but that is exceptional...but quite often 2 half days...usually very short notice TV stuff...
  15. Do any of you remember a film shot many years ago(1976) in the Philippines called High Velocity as I recall.. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076145/ Well I recall an article in The American Cinematographer at the time, where the sound mixer was having terrible trouble with the tropical cicadas. Now if you have filmed in the tropics you know what I mean..I shot in Malaysia a few years ago and heard what sounded like chainsaws,was informed they were the local 8 inch cicadas...OMG...what a noise.....Anyway,the local Philippinos had a fix for them.They banged some hollow bamboo together with a helluva whack and the cicadas went silent long enough to get a take....as long as they didn't do it every 2 minutes, it worked...so the blanks being fired sounds a good scheme....
  16. Nothing wrong with the quality on that Oleg...very nice....
  17. "and I think thats all the consumables I need....got batteries....tape...oh and can I have a large pack of Cicada Killer Wasps..."
  18. If you did that in our country the Armed Offenders Squad would be down on you in no time.... I was on a shoot a while back and was being plagued by our high summer cicadas that made useable dialog impossible...I had been thinking of trying the indoor Electronic Rodent and Insect unit I'd bought to deter them around our house....it puts out 120db at around 60khz.....so I took it out on location this morning..runs on mains so connected up to the genny...plugged it in and pointed to the trees.....the cicadas STOPPED....I thought ..YES! YES! .......they listened....and then 20 secs...obviously they thought..."Interesting"...then started up again...dam!!!! Thought about putting it through a tweeter with a powerful amp.....then thought of the ramifications of everyone going deaf on the crew.... But something that occurs to me is the fact that sometimes they stop for no known reason and they all stop in sync......now if I recorded some of this with the natural stop and put it out through a playback speaker,it might fool them....maybe I'm optimistic...might try that one...anything that works using their own natural system might stand a chance.... Its been a great summer so far for dialog and a bad one for cicadas...they peak about every 7th year...or in our country every year where its warm enough to hatch them...usually by this time they are in full flight, but I haven't heard any this summer.....maybe after the predicted warm spell in the next few days. .
  19. Wasn't a cruder form of this being used a few years back...I recall a prominent politician's office being hung with sound absorbing curtains so as to defeat the laser and the vibrating window.....the curtains were up for quite a few years until they were removed in an office make over...they never appeared again.
  20. BVS

    Apple iPad

    The TC slate app...it could work beautifully.....
  21. Flying to work on a chopper over Abel Tasman National Park,New Zealand for a series for Air New Zealand In-Flight Presentations. Email me if you'd like the larger size image.
  22. BVS

    DPA Lavs

    Yes the bass cut is achieved acoustically by the design of the transducer and its enclosure....its the choice over the 4060 for dialog recording. Around the bottom of enclosure is an opening that allows air movement...the principle is the same as blowing across the top of a bottle...you can create a resonance with a healthy bottom end blowing over the mouth of the bottle...when you open the capsule enclosure to air movement out the bottom,you lose that resonance...so thats why the bass cut works on the 4071.
  23. Are you after only photos from your country..?? I have some from ours....
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