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  1. Nothing wrong with getting a fresh updated perspective on classic questions! A topic like this is such a huge decision for some of us that are going to be in the market for more gear... and with new products always coming out... why not talk about it some more;?!
  2. I don't like when I see other sound people prepping mikes with moleskin or under covers for a costume they have yet to see! There is no universal mount that will work with anything. I can usually get away with just transpore or topstick + RM11 - but my favorite is right to the skin with a costume that will work with that.
  3. From my experience with the early Alexas (last summer) they are great user-friendly interfaces but the timecode display has a slight delay in the display itself (like most cameras i guess) and also I believe they would loose timecode if they removed external power and if there was no on-board battery attached. The Ambient boxes are so sturdy and easy to read that single LED which is great - also Denecke service is amazingly fast and cheap that I don't worry about slates being destroyed too much anymore as long as you have more than one of course!
  4. I'm gonna say that on reality shows when people hug - you don't hear much rustle because the voices are too loud during it. Similar reason why clothing noise will disappear in a costume if you go interior to exterior. like a rustle to voice ratio? heh --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=41.895852,-87.675267
  5. I don't mind it. Its much easier at the end of the day to take a glance at a folder and make sure nothing is missing. Also when you are copying files to another disk, you can look at the number of files and then the last filename and if you have no false takes they should match yea? I actually run into the issue of 'same file exists' issue on 788 a lot!
  6. unless SD starts making wireless... I don't really see how the 788T/CL8 can be improved upon for bag work. Its almost the perfect setup for multitrack in the bag. 12 record tracks, 8 full mic/line inputs.... The PFL switches and trim knobs and the fast L/R assign on the CL8 is really a very strong feature set for people doing multitrack in the bag in fast paced type jobs. I almost feel like the less knobs and buttons on Nomad will be difficult to give up if somebody is using 788T/CL8 a lot.
  7. even rumored to be releasing OSX 10.7 this way
  8. get a roll of duvetyne tape from film tools. my secret weapon.
  9. a good cart setup would be all nomad knobs adjust transmitter trims and then a mix8 for faders
  10. hearing your tracks on the big screen is one of the most magical moments our craft can provide. I will never forget the first time I saw one of my films in a real theater. The smile was stuck on my face for days. It kind of makes me feel like I know what I'm doing! lol
  11. wow awesome Glenn. I'm definitely sold on one.
  12. tapatalk is nice but on certain threads id like push notifications.
  13. I have been waiting for these to come down in price! Jeff doesn't the battery electronics protect from over discharge? like all lithiums? I have a make-shift 13.8v power supply and battery transfer switch that is my poor mans powermax. Looks promising!
  14. HOW CAN I BECOME A BETA CUSTOMER?!?!?!?!? Also I own and love my Access Virus KC. Amazing machine!
  15. I've had this happen with Deneke slates. a few small pieces of gaff to make the sled longer works
  16. I have a newer style VDB Short pole, not the baby pole - its internally coiled, 6 sections and perfect for ENG/doc gigs. If that is paired with a CS3 or CMIT you will not have any complaints.
  17. AirFoil latency is 2000ms. This is totally different than audio over cellular. Don't know what that delay is.
  18. I know that I have seen some fluctuation with tone - might depend on your tone generator. When I use a TonePlug I can sometimes see it moving up and down on different meters very slightly.
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