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  1. Olphi, love your setup! And the Samsung commercial sounds great and is hilarious :-)
  2. The new bag looks interesting, but would like to see a few more pictures.
  3. It's for booming in the rain. The Pianissimo came with a hard plastic case which is going to be wonderful for traveling.
  4. Thank you Senator for chiming in, always a pleasure. I was planning on using it without the rain cover, but was asking about an eta.
  5. Thanks so much! I've ordered the Piani-Kelly through Gotham Sound. I was just curious when it would be available. Thank you for the update! Absolutely, I'll be happy to give you feedback. Thanks so much for making such great products! I've loved the Osix's
  6. When do you expect to get the Pianissimo Kelly Rain Cover? I just received my Pianissimo and can't wait to start using it! :-)
  7. Great idea for the Tas Merah bag. What model is that Todd? Great follow cart by the way! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for posting this pic Senator. Great to see all those beauties in perspective :-)
  9. What Glen said - local 487. Give Dave O' Ferrall a call. He's the BA, he'll be able to answer any questions you may have.
  10. I may be late as well responding, but I don't use the CL-6 as well. Can't wait to see the new k-tek 664 bag Dave! :-)
  11. I've had my 4017 for a few weeks and love it!
  12. Robert I ended up buying 2 DPA 4071's and fell in love with them! Big shout out to Dan Joseph from Gotham for all the great advice and help! I was on a commercial gig and broke them out for the first time a while ago...I was blown away! I've used COS-11's, Trams, etc, but the natural sound of a DPA was far more pleasing to my ears :-) You won't regret your purchase! Well your wallet will ;-) I ended buying 2 more since. Make sure you get plenty of plastic concealers, those are gold and work extremely well
  13. Crew: Very well said! Jim: That sounds great, looking forward to the next one! How did the Mixer Mixer go?
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