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  1. From the Senator~ " a key component of a specialized "thumper" system is that a generator puts out a LF "thump" corresponding to every click on a click track, (or the ticks from a metronome) " Some metronomes come with a drum machine. Would there be a problem with running a drum track ( say a 4/4 back beat ) through a thumper ? Kev~
  2. I really liked " The Devils Double ". Dominic Cooper's portrayal of saddam hussein's son and his "double" ( based on a true story) Is some the best best acting ever committed to film IMHO.
  3. Having just returned from Washington D.C. and seeing many of the memorials there. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will remain forever eched in my memory. After spending a few hours there on the two tours that we took, its very hard to believe anyone could find humor in one of the most tragic events that ever happend to the human race. Sorry, but " mental health " is a poor excuse.
  4. What I have done for handling noise re. the 8050 is use a cloth covered mic cable ( a pig tail ) about 12in. in length. To connect the mic to the fishpole. Neutric makes this kind of cable. I also have a 20ft VDB pole cabled strait through with the cloth cable and handling noise is a thing of the past. ( With the rycote invision mounted.) I don't use a MZF8000, haven't needed one. Just roll off a little low end at the Cooper. I have experianced the mic sounding strange in a hard sufaced ( cement ) walled room with no place for air pressure to escape.
  5. Pretty much, don't let a DP, CamOp, Gafer, any grip, actor, stand in, etc. tell you how it is done. Only look, listen & learn from qualified Prod. Sound Folk.
  6. I recomend getting into Yoga. Its very good for you. Go to a yoga place or YMCA classes.
  7. Having used boxes over the years, I got tired of the screws coming loose or falling out. The nut that holds the phone jack allways loosens up too. So I went back to an older method and added a cell phone case.
  8. In the spirit of people who have the gift of being able to play music, Leo Kottke is a very interesting guy. Most of his music is instrumental.
  9. ~Eric I have never been able to open, copy or download any upgrades from Fostex USA, International or Japan. Rick Cannetta sent me a disc once and the other upgrades were done by Mike Paul, at LSC. I have version 1.30 So when I see version 1.31 I have to assume its a newer or newest version? Is it? The PD204 I have, has Version 1.10 Would like it to be current, ie. version 1.30 Maybe a trip to LSC for that :~) Kevin
  10. Eric, One more thing, what kind of thumb drive are you using? (brand name). I have read that some types don't work or work so well. Thanks, Kevin
  11. Eric, I am not able to find these software releases on the Fostex Japanese website. What do I look under? or could I get them from you? I use a PD606 and a PD204 in the RSS mode. Thanks, Kevin
  12. www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-sound-mixers-20110223,0,5989169.story Congradulations on your Oscar Nominations, Ed Novick and Mark Weingarten. Excellent work on two excellent films! Best, Kevin
  13. Hey Jan, I hope these pictures will give you an idea of what is kind of hard to explain and make any sense. The wedge is cut from a rubber yoga block, Giant door stops would do the same thing. The tray is from the pots/pans/cooking section at Smart &Final. The metal bar is from Lowes, its for hanging a ladder in your garage. It doesn't touch the Fostex, but supports the Lectro Venue. A couple of shelf brackets, bent upward, are pop-riveted with cable/tubing suports. And a garden knee pad. KS
  14. Quote~ Hi Kevin. Curious, why would you go with a velcro connection over using the threaded nagra type thumbscrew attachment points at the rear of your 208? Speed of detachment? john. Hey John, I wanted to hold the cooper 208 more in the center of its chassis, just seemed like a good idea.
  15. Thanks Richard ! best laugh i had all day. I do get some funny looks when strap the washer & dryer to the insert car though. Robert, nice set up. Is that a slate mic to the left? I need to do that to. And is this totally seperate from your main cart?
  16. I'm with RL. on this one. Had the whole cart on the insert car once and it wasn't pretty! Not worth risking life or limb. This my rig for the tray, in the cab. I mix on the Fostex PD606. With gromets on the knobs (pots) it is surprisingly efficient. KS
  17. Hi Jan, Re. securing the mix panel. I use two strips of velcro on the bottom and these alluminium hinges made by Stanley. They come in a set for yard fence gates. Pop rivets tie the hinge base to the shelf.
  18. This is Sofie, a very intelligent & affectionate cat. Her leg was broken awhile back and has a pin at the knee joint. loves the sun.
  19. Getting back to the topic, I highly recomend this book, " The Sound Effects Bible " subtitied; how to create and record hollywood style sound effects, by Ric Viers. Here's what Randy Thom says on the back cover~ "Ric's book is an excellent introduction to the techniques for producing professional sound effects for film, games,etc. Its packed with nuts-and-bolts information that beginning and intermediate level sound designers/editors will find useful."
  20. John, Forrest at Coffey, pointed me to Dale Manquen for P&G fader knobs. Contact. Dale Manquen 1694 Calle Zocallo Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 PH. 805-529-2496 email. dmanquen.net www.manquen.net
  21. I am currently using Sennheiser HD 280 pro head phones. Great isolation. Listening at a lower level. Rests completely on the skull, not touching the ears. $99.00
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