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  1. You're asking a bunch of guys/gals who specialize in sound however your questions, in my opinion, are more along the lines of construction. I have a bit experience in this field as I've been swinging a hammer since I was 2 and now finalizing a renovation for a client of mine. First off, what's your budget? I'm guessing since they're asking their sound guy (you) to undertake something like this that it's not too much. No offense, but when it comes to construction, as many other things, you want the most qualified person your budget allows for. With that said, if you're budget is more then what I think then I personally would be calling other production houses and asking to refer the person who built theirs. I would do this until I had at least 3 names to call. Now, the thing about phone calls is that anyone can say whatever they want so long as they accomplish one thing, get your money. So, you'll want to see their work in person or have them take you to a current project since anyone can take photos and say, " I did this". Once you found your winner you write up a solid agreement that allows you to hold back pay until you are satisfied with the work. But, the problem here is that you won't know if they really did a good job, which is a condition of your satisfaction, until you've done this many many times before. It comes full circle now. What was that saying again? Oh yeah, "it takes years of experience to gain years of experience". Good luck.
  2. ebay is pretty good at helping buyers out. Have you tried reaching out to them? I know if the item is not as described then you can open a case and request a refund. Although, I hope you learned your lesson on this. Not having original pics is a RED FLAG.
  3. This is great!!! Thanks for the heads up. Just so I can test my link can ya'll send me $1. haha
  4. Sure wish we could all wear formal attire on set like back in the day. Those must have been great times. I feel a little better now. Thanks. =)
  5. I'll play devil's advocate on this one. That 80/20 stuff is expensive. I believe I was quoted around .53 cents an inch for regular T-slot stuff. The only issue I see hear is that you can't compete with Walmart prices for similar products. So, these kits will be for those parents with 1. disposable income and 2. lack of skills. I only say "lack of skills" because this kit only teaches you how to assemble something, kind of like legos, not create something from raw materials. "Making something from nothing" is a lesson I rather teach my kids. If I wanted to teach them how to assemble then I'd just buy something cheap from IKEA. Okay, I'm off my soap box.
  6. It always amazes me to see how far away the mic is from talent in those old pics. Yet, I'm usually always trying to get my CMIT-5U a hair above the frame line when possible. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Nice pics ya'll.
  7. Will there be any proprietary components?
  8. When are ya'll going to make a tutorial on building these units?
  9. nice job with the leather! Are you going to stain it or keep it raw?
  10. Wow, I never would have thought that some of ya'll are managing without a car. I guess it all depends on our area. Very interesting to hear how some of you are getting by. Just goes to show you that the saying holds true, " where there's a will, there's a way!"
  11. Your main issue is going to be getting to your job on time and having a ride back home when you're done. That's assuming your jobs are within the city. If it were me I would focus on getting a car first. You can always rent the ENG gear until you get enough jobs to where it makes sense buying your own. I wish you the best of luck.
  12. It seems like no matter what webpage I visit these days I have to click out of an annoying pop up ad or video that automatically starts streaming. I normally browse in Safari and have pop-ups blocked. Just wondering if there's a better way of blocking all the commercials. Any info is appreciated.
  13. This is the same tactic I use and it usually works every time. Of course, it's also mostly true. Sometimes I have to run to my truck to get a piece of gum or a couple extra AA batteries for my slate.
  14. That's such an easy fix. Just send me your jobs so you can take some time off. =)
  15. Everyone has made a lot of valid points: 1. My rental fee should already take into account my maintenance 2. Extra fees should be discussed in advance The only problem with #2 is that I wasn't aware of what I was doing until I was on the job. Since the Producer is a regular client that I like very much, and I wasn't given any details till I was on the job (it was one of those "top secret product" type commercials), I didn't really have a chance to discuss any additional fees. Lesson learned though. On wrap day I did mention to her that I may have to charge a cleaning fee in which she said she was fine with considering the extreme environment. I felt guilty having to ask after the conversation but the other voice in my head said business is business and my gear is all crummy now. This is why I needed some advice. I guess what I'm going to do, so that I don't sound petty, is send my invoice and advise the Producer that this time around I'm going to waive the cleaning fee. However, going forward I'll need her to give me a heads up, if I'm working in extreme situations, since my gear rental is going to have to be adjusted accordingly. Thanks again for all the advice/input everyone.
  16. Hmm, I was wondering if I was being a bit much. I remember doing a job years ago in which the producer asked us to move the shot to a beach. The steady cam op said "If I'm having to take my gear on the sand then I'm charging a cleaning fee". I do remember the guy being somewhat of a dick and you're right I didn't see him on any gigs thereafter. I just wasn't sure if it was the norm to charge a fee like this when dealing with sand getting everywhere.
  17. Total build cost? Can you post pics of the car folded up? Or does only the top shelf fold? Thanks for sharing.
  18. I recently did a gig in the desert and unfortunately my gear got dust/sand in it. Some of my laptop buttons and mouse pad don't work now and a few of my TRX900's won't eject the cards. So, looks like I need to tear all my gear apart and clean the heck out of it. Since I've never had to charge a cleaning fee before I figured I'd ask ya'll to see what's fair so I can hit up production. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Michael
  19. Got any pics of your house that you would like to share? I love architecture.
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