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    Comparison of different transmitters

    Thank you Constantin, very insightful clips.
  2. claus

    CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    Hi Group, I'm having issues with my Schoeps CCM41 - Cinela OSIX - Lectro HMa setup. It produces an unusable hiss. Already tried disconnecting ground from shell - no difference. Placing a short XLR cable between OSIX and HMa cures the problem, as well as using a Lemo-XLR cable from CCM41 to HMa directly. The HMa works fine with my CMIT - Rycote WSK4 setup. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Thanks and best regards, claus
  3. claus

    CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    yes it does
  4. claus

    CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    Happy to report back, that the RF choke cured my setup and I can use my CCM41 with an HMa directly on the Cinela Osix now- yay!! Thank you again Philippe / Cinela.
  5. claus

    CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    That's what I like so much about cinela. Fantastic products and fantastic customer support! Thank you Philippe
  6. claus

    Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    another +1 for Sennheiser. I use two SK300 G3 bodypack transmitters on my cart; one for boom, one for director/script/village. On both transmitters I have the SMA mod, so I can remote my SNA600 antennae. It works really well!
  7. claus

    DIY SR Sleeve

    +1 Great idea!
  8. claus

    80/20® Two-Module Sound Cart

    Chris, did you use the 30x30 8mm for 19'' equipment, does it fit without any additional rack rails? I'm in research-mode for a new cart built.... cheers from vienna claus
  9. claus

    Equipment wishes for 2017

    +1 for core 6, 7 and 8
  10. claus

    Tascam DR-10CS and DPA4060

    Hello, I know some of you are using the Tascam DR-10CS with adapter cables for lectro TA5f wired lavs. Has anyone personal experience with DPA4060 wired for lectro? how is the recording level on the Tascam? thanks in advance, claus
  11. Bartek, It's a scratch track - there is some bleed, but you can make it work ok and reduce it to minimum with careful gain staging. don't know about they A7s II or ninja flame, but with a Blackmagic Pocket Cam you can adjust input levels independently, which helps. Works ok for onset playback, but wouldn't want to use for dailies and certainly not for editing. The Tentacle Sync Software works great with that kind of setup as it automatically senses the Audio TC Track. It's super easy to use with multicam projects btw. +1
  12. Both devices don't have TC inputs: for that kind of scenario I use a custom made cable; 2x mini jack -> 1x stereo jack. that way you can get your scratch track on ch.1 AND TC on ch.2. It's not a standard cable, need to look up the special wiring. Bear in mind that with this setup you cannot really playback audio on camera because you usually can't mute ch.2 What is your scratch track for? cheers, claus
  13. claus

    Expert Advice Wanted. Sound for Film.

    Sorry - could not resist: Find a local sound student. Hear what SHE has been doing previously. If she's better….. Cheers
  14. claus

    Ambient Tiny Lock It Outdoors?

    I have used an ambient tiny lockit and two ALL601 with zero issues on a feature in winter & snow & mountain & night & -15° celsius conditions. Camera will fail first….
  15. claus

    Recording puppeteers

    I've been using dpa4066 with good success. If it's a "puppet-only" show they are my goto mics. I found it difficult in a "mixed" show (human & puppets) to match boom/lavs of "real" actors with the closeup headset sound of the puppeteers. but post can put them in the same room again. The puppeteers often have to hide in small, boxy sounding places, but with headsets you can get the best possible, dry sound. again post should be able to fix this.
  16. claus

    Which MS stereo solution?

    can't comment on the pianissimo system, but I've been using the zephyx for my ccm41/ccm8 ms set for 2 years now and have to say I am really impressed: handling noise down to a minimum and almost no acoustic coloration due basket and fur. don't know how it's done with the piano/pianissimo, but with the zephyx you can remove the basket pretty quickly and just use the suspension for indoor use.
  17. Since you've got the Ambient RF Slate, you could use the READER/GEN Mode: When slate is opened it displays ext TC (= Playback timecode, via RF) and when the slate is closed it displays generator TC (which you can sync to your 664 TOD and Alexa timecode) So you would have both time codes displayed, I just tried it out myself and it works beautifully Best, Claus
  18. Hi Rhys, it seems like you are not going to RECORD any sound before or inbetween the playback, are you? In that case why bother with TOD timecode at all? I would feed music timecode to camera & slate, you will just need to have enough preroll and start playback before camera rolls. Depending on your setup you could send audio to the alexas as well, as a bonus. Anyway, ask what editorial department wants! Best, Claus
  19. claus

    Cl-wifi problems

    had a similar issue once, replacing the C.Link cable fixed it for me. best, claus